If you think Digital Marketing is Facebook ads, YouTube videos and spending money to boost posts, then you are bound to lose money (or make your clients lose money).

Digital Marketing is how we take a person who doesn’t know about your brand, and then convert that person into a qualified lead. 

Sure, in that journey, all the tools of the trade play a very important part. If we need to do Facebook ads based on the audience selection for DHA Karachi, or for LUMS in Lahore… we do that. 

But “just” doing the ads, that doesn’t even come close to having a profitable digital marketing strategy in place.

We need to stop confusing “tools” with strategy. In the video, in very simple terms (and in Urdu), as to what is digital marketing and what it’s not. We also see why the current confusion came about (once you hear it, you will immediately be able to recognize the digital marketing professionals from the amateurs).