Digital marketing is being done wrong. There, I said it.

Way too many people are doing this thing called “digital marketing”, but then you ask them,

“what is digital marketing?”

and watch then rattle off things like:

  • It’s putting ads on Facebook
  • It’s making sure your business page has new content every day or every other day.
  • Getting more likes for our pages, may it be on Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn… because that will have MORE people who will get our beautifully crafted messages and quotes and “Public Service Announcements” and “eid mubarak” messages…
  • You make beautiful ads, and then you put them on Facebook and watch it go viral!! O yes! We love viral content!
  • VIDOES!! You make videos and put them on Facebook, and then hope that more people like it, share it… and do you know what, we can “boost” the Facebook post!? That’s so awesome… thousands and thousands of people will see your message, and that’s great!!

All these “definitions” of digital marketing is the REASON why businesses are NOT making money with digital marketing.

Let me explain…

THE MAIN Concept of Digital Marketing

If digital marketing is NOT Facebook likes and YouTube subscribes, then what is it?
How do we analyse our own digital marketing efforts?

To know that, we MUST understand what Digital Marketing is SUPPOSED to do!
The following visually explains the concept of a profitable funnel (strategy) vs just going for likes (tactics):

understanding digital marketing core elements

Core Elements of Digital Marketing

This resource page is designed for you if:

You want to know the fundamentals of digital marketing so you KNOW what to do to increase your profits and make a difference. This is digital marketing done right.

Any activity that does not directly fall into these core elements of digital marketing, then you know you are not on track. 

Hope this serves as the reminder to keep us focused on our messages and our commitment to powerful and profitable results and not get swept away by trends and one-off tactics Aameen آمین

Our intention is to use Digital Marketing to build a powerful and profitable brand, because once we have that, the profits of a business soar!

We can divide our approach into:

  1. Two fundamental concepts
  2. Four strategies
  3. Two systems

Once we understand these 2-4-2 core elements, you will be miles ahead of others in getting profits from digital marketing! 

The Two Fundamental Concepts

The two fundamental concepts of Digital Marketing from which everything else flows are:

  1. The Profitable Client Journey
  2. Content Marketing

First you establish your client’s journey, and that journey will be the cornerstone of your business and your marketing strategy.  

Profitable Client Journey

The client journey is mapped onto your product funnel, your business itself!

Then you deploy Content Marketing to help the client on their journey. Your content marketing strategy is based on the PCJ. And the job of your content is move your leads down the funnel, how? With content. 

It is this Content Marketing strategy that informs us which content to use when, and how to deliver it to the client (via email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, a Facebook ad, LinkedIn etc!)

Once you have clarity on your Client Journey, and you have a starting document for your Content Marketing, you’re ready to deploy the proven digital marketing strategies.

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The Four Strategies for Digital Marketing

There are four strategies for digital marketing.

  1. Paid Advertising (this is when you pay platforms like Facebook and Google to run ads to your ideal client)
  2. Email Marketing (building relationships by sharing meaningful content via email newsletters is, believe it or not, 40 times more profitable than sharing the same content on social media)
  3. Social Media Marketing (sharing strategic content on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc)
  4. Search Marketing (this is typically called SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, but it is worth mentioning that any content you publish on your website/blog is a Search Marketing activity as well)

When one is starting out, the ideal way is to focus on just one or maybe two of the above strategies. 

The goal is to be profitable enough and organized enough to run all four strategies for your business… the results grow exponentially because of such coordinated efforts. 

The reason these efforts are coordinated is because they come from the same Content Marketing Strategy, which in turns comes from really understanding your client journey with respect to your business/brand.

And finally, the two systems you need to run all of this are:

The Two Systems

The two systems you need to run the day-to-day of your digital marketing efforts are: 

  1. A Performance Scorecard (so you track, analyse and score your digital marketing strategies. Why is this so important? Based on the simple premise that you can not improve something if you are not measuring it, as a business it becomes our primary job to measure so we can improve our marketing)


  2. Conversion Optimization (this is where you take what you’ve learnt from Performance Scoring, and then update your strategy going forward. Notice that Optimization is on the Strategy side of the digital marketing process and Performance Scoring is not. This is because after going through campaigns one realizes that Scoring is a “tactical”, day-to-day activity, whereas Optimization is once a week, once a month, once a quarter type of activity)
core of digital marketing

Notice that once you have done the hard work of:

  1. Mapping out your Profitable Client Journey
  2. Making a Content Marketing Strategy to help the prospect client buy from you…

The remaining elements come into play. 

You select the strategy that best suits your client journey, and you plug that into your weekly or monthly content calendar. 

The weekly or monthly rhythm of your business or brand can easily be a weekly review of your Performance Scorecard, suggested changes to be implemented (Conversion Optimization), and then going back to the four strategies to maximize your results. 

Why Do Most Businesses and Brands Fail At Digital Marketing? 

Most businesses and brands don’t succeed because they only look at the four strategies and pick one and run with it. 

But they don’t do basic analytics (Performance Scorecard), so they don’t know what to improve. And because most businesses:

  • run ads on Facebook or YouTube (Paids Ads)
  • Create content for Facebook and YouTube videos (SM Marketing)
  • Send email blasts to unsuspecting people without their permission (Email Marketing)

… and they do these tactics without giving a long, hard look at their Profitable Client Journey, they end up wasting a lot of hard earned money on vanity metrics like the number of likes on their content… whereas the profit margins suffer. 

How to Succeed at Digital Marketing

  1. Map out the Profitable Client Journey
  2. Come up with a simple one-pager on your Content Strategy that best fits your Client Journey
  3. Before running any ads, or sharing any content, make a scorecard that you will use to track the effectiveness of your strategy. Ideally,  have a scorecard each for each strategy. 
  4. Start sharing content, running ads etc as per your Content Marketing strategy.
  5. Set a weekly rhythm of reviewing your performance and make changes to your content accordingly. 

If you are thinking, “OK this looks harder than I thought” then you are not alone. I personally learnt these the hard way, and I see a lot of brands suffer because of not following these core elements of digital marketing.

I know for a fact that if you start working on these from today, you will inshAllah start seeing positive results you’ve not seen before

I have put together multiple assets to help you in your journey. 

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