Digital marketing is being done wrong. There, I said it.

Way too many people are doing this thing called “digital marketing”, but then you ask them,

“what is digital marketing?”

and watch then rattle off things like:

  • It’s putting ads on Facebook
  • It’s making sure your business page has new content every day or every other day.
  • Getting more likes for our pages, may it be on Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn… because that will have MORE people who will get our beautifully crafted messages and quotes and “Public Service Announcements” and “eid mubarak” messages…
  • You make beautiful ads, and then you put them on Facebook and watch it go viral!! O yes! We love viral content!
  • VIDOES!! You make videos and put them on Facebook, and then hope that more people like it, share it… and do you know what, we can “boost” the Facebook post!? That’s so awesome… thousands and thousands of people will see your message, and that’s great!!

All these “definitions” of digital marketing is the REASON why businesses are NOT making money with digital marketing.

Let me explain…

THE MAIN Concept of Digital Marketing

If digital marketing is NOT Facebook likes and YouTube subscribes, then what is it?
How do we analyse our own digital marketing efforts?

To know that, we MUST understand what Digital Marketing is SUPPOSED to do!
The following visually explains the concept of a profitable funnel (strategy) vs just going for likes (tactics):