How to spend from what you love – اپنے قیمتی وقت میں سی وقت کیسے نکالیں

I worked from a simple mathematical formula. If one is to spend 10% of their “work time” for God, that would mean 4 hours per week, if you are working a normal job. That’s working 5 days a week, for 8 hours.

Once you have established that, it is time to see where you can spend those four hours, and there are some really useful pointers I learnt that I want to share with you.

To illustrate this point, let me share an example with you:

Say you are a professional photographer, and you are employed by say, an ad agency, or a clothing brand. You decide that you want to spend 4 hours every Saturday to help people who need help.

What normally happens is that you make yourself available to different organizations who are already doing charity work or the kind of work you want to do. And then those organizations can make you do what they need help with: you could be teaching, you could be carrying boxes, you could be distributing food for them. Whatever the task demands, you are ready to help in those 4 hours.

That’s good. But not great. Let’s consider what’s a far better option.

The best solution is that you present your services that you are already being paid for. That will provide the best kind of help.

In the photographer’s case, his skill set is already good enough that he is getting paid for it. So the best use of those 4 hours in a week can be that you take some really professional photographs for a few charity organizations. You spend one week in contacting a dozen organizations and showing them your portfolio, showing them your work, just like you’d be pitching a client. And because you will be doing this for free, many of them will take you up on that offer, especially if those organizations are relatively smaller in size.

And next week, you will already have scheduled photography sessions, and you will be able to provide a much bigger value to people in the long run.

So this can apply across the board:

  1. A website designer can offer to redesign websites for charities or for people who are doing the thing that you want to help them do
  2. A banker can use those 4 hours reaching out to his clients who can donate via that banker.
  3. An engineer can help charities upgrade their infrastructure cheaply or he can get them better deals with vendors or advise them in purchasing equipment
  4. A sales agent can dedicate 4 hours in raising more donations for a charity.

By using these basic concepts, with just 4 to 8 hours in a week, I am already excited for you, with the kind of impact you can start making.

And that brings us full circle, where we are trying to live the best version of our lives and doing things that are, simply, good things to do.

May God make it easier for you and I end this with this line that all gratitude belongs to Allah who is my Creator and the Caretaker of all worlds.

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