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Helping You Get Unstuck in Business

I was there to help the entrepreneur figure out a problem in his online business. The founder was stuck in tweaking the code for the classified site. The problem he listed was: How to get the website to sync with the phone app (they evidently had an Android app for...

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In Search of Checklistables*

What is your big goal? Is it scary? Do you think you can do it? My big goal is to help 10,000 people start online businesses based around what they love. That's a big goal. I'd need to be a different person to pull that off. I'd need to be far more disciplined, I'd...

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When Your Job Becomes Your Life

This is a declaration. A young kid, hardly 17 year old. He wanted to get into college. Journalism school. I asked him why. "Why not build your current network and start your own blog?" I asked this because he was already writing for two blogs, and had two solid...

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If there is a way, I must find it

That is a good mindset to have: if there is a way, you must find it. And coupled with the belief that "where there's a will, there's a way", you set yourself for the perfect trap: you can't escape being the best! If you are not getting what you want, there is an issue...

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Three methods to gain trust of clients

Why would a prospective client trust you especially when you're starting out? These three tactics will inshAllah get you more sales, by presenting you as the credible professional that you (hopefully) are! ONE The first method is to craft your "elevator pitch". Too...

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All the advice you’ll ever need on entrepreneurship

Pakistan now officially has YouTube and I am so excited about that... for you! You now have access to tons and tons of information! This list of channels is for you if you want to be an entrepreneur, pro blogger, freelancer, consultant or want to be any of these! By...

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Addventurer: Iftikhar Hussain

Meet an addventurer! We are introducing Profiles of Addventurers here at JAV by Momekh. I have long wanted to profile interesting people doing remarkable work, and I even ended up doing a close knit meetup this year (more are expected next year). This is part of the...

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What Advice Will You Give?

You want to learn how to play football? Great. To do that in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, get a job in a sports store. This way, you will meet actual footballers, and some of their skill may rub off on you... because you will be dealing directly with...

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What Matters Most

Who you are and where you're from does not matter. What matters is what you decide from this moment on. Isn't that horrifyingly simple? We are lead to believe that we are our biographies, that our past will determine our future. Things like, "but you can't do this...

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