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New Year’s Video Message

I recorded a quick video message for the New Year. Do you make new year's resolutions? Then you will find the following video very helpful: Now... The dangling question is, "how can you achieve those goals?" Making new year's resolutions doesn't work because we think...

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I Sold a Farm

Let’s start from the start. By God’s Grace, I started the farm as part of an extension for a bigger operation, and I wrote an article on the blog, sharing all the details about the dairy farm, reasons for starting it and the common pitfalls I encountered. A lot of...

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Disruptive Wonder

Kelli Anderson is an artist. She gave this TEDx talk and right at the beginning, she tells the audience what is the purpose of her work: People arrive at experiences with expectations. And when we make things we are actively choosing what to do with those...

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The Samurai Editor

Josh Seiden says about editing one's writing, and I quote verbatim (is there any other way?): when you are editing, you are a deadly samurai warrior. You slash writing to bits until only the good and pure and worthy words are left. But when you are writing, you are...

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Steve Job’s Best Advice

Steve Jobs captures the essence of how to bring about massive change in your life. http://var/web/site/   In the above clip, Steve says: When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and you're life is...

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Flooding in Pakistan 2014 – How You Can Help

It is a very strange feeling, knowing that there is a group of people out there, waiting for you to take action. If you do not take action, they may sleep hungry tonight. If you do not take action, their 3 year old daughter may not get the medical treatment that can...

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“Undecided” should not be an option

In hindsight, a lot of decision are easy to make. All sorts of decisions. “Of course I would have chosen the religion I have now.” “Of course slavery was bad!” “Of course imperialism was unjust!” “Of course Madiba was wise!” # “Of course Iqbal was not a heretic!” #...

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The Habits of Highly Boring and Mediocre People

The path to a risk-free, boring, mediocre life in these easy steps: Always have something to complain about. Look for faults in others. In fact, consider “fault finding” a part of your job! Accept whatever you are told without asking for “verifiable” sources. Tell...

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