How to Live a Life of Adventure

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “adventure”?

Life of Adventure

Did you think of Indiana Jones? I don’t know why, but for the longest time ever, adventure for me meant a mission to exotic places, a hat and a whip.

But of course, adventure is hardly the journey, it’s more of a mindset. An attitude of “let’s give it a try”.

And more importantly, I did not know that it was possible for a regular guy like me to be an adventurer.

Why You Need to be an Adventurer

Adventure means doing something you either haven’t done before, or doing something that challenges you.

Life of an Adventurer

Essentially, adventure = risk. As we have seen before, to improve my quality of life, I need to take educated risks.

So, let’s say it like we mean it: to improve my quality of life, I need to be an adventurer.

How to Start Being an Adventurer?

1. Always Experiment.

All experiments are an adventure.

If you want, wear a lab coat at all times to remind yourself that you’re the scientist here, and everything is a test.

2. Start Calling Yourself an Adventurer

Stop calling yourself an entrepreneur (or stop wanting to be an entrepreneur), and start calling yourself an adventurer.

An adventure only happens if you are an adventurer, not the other way around.

Special note for entrepreneurs: The primary reason of being self-employed is to attain financial freedom. To also attain mobility. This gives you time to explore and to experiment, either with or without a hat.

3. Have an Overarching Vision

This may sound confusing but to give you an example, my overarching vision is to earn a healthy income and have fun while helping people. This simple line basically controls me. This line has a lot of power over me. Everything must pass this filter.

This is my way of finding congruency between my desires and my duties.

4. Leverage Everything You Do

Indiana Jones leveraged his knowledge of archeology to teach, so he can earn, so he can go on exotic expeditions, the expeditions that in turn increased his knowledge of archeology. That’s some serious leveraging right there.

Be interested in your surrounding and your environment. If you’re not, pretend that you are.  You will quickly realize that there are very interesting things happening all around you. Start by leveraging your curiosity into an adventure.


Make a list of projects you can start based on your “overarching vision” (planning is very much part of an adventure – use a chewed pencil and yellowed paper for effect if you have to).

Pick the project that is the most fun. Don’t worry when some naysayers object: how can you have fun while doing “work”!? Tell them you are a “professional adventurer”.

My Biggest Adventure Yet

OK, so I’ve done some adventurous stuff. Like bungee jumping off the Zambezi River bridge. But this is my biggest adventure yet. On many levels.

Triathlon TrainingI have registered for the London Triathlon, to be held in September of this year.

Let’s consider the many facets of adventure that this “master experiment” represents:

  1. Triathlon is notoriously difficult and requires a certain level of physical fitness. So to train for a triathlon, I have set myself a significant physical challenge.
  2. I am based in Lahore, Pakistan. NO ONE does triathlon here. There is no club, no activity of any sort related to the sport of triathlon. So I have set myself a challenge of self-education.
  3. The triathlon is in London. Getting to London, staying there, and getting back, is a significant cost. I have set myself a earnings/financial challenge to earn from online means to be able to afford the whole adventure. As experienced lifers would know, I successfully managed a round-trip ticket to Thailand via affiliate marketing. So I have done this before, but not on this scale.
  4. I have never been to London. So that is an adventure in itself. I already know that I will see all the art galleries and everywhere where Sherlock went! God willing.
  5. Experiment in community building: I have started a website and started writing content for triathlon training. Although I will be updating you on this blog, my physical training for triathlon will be cataloged on that website. Just like I have been lucky enough to serve the dairy farming community, I am trying to start a small triathlon community too.
  6. I have entered the London Triathlon via a charity (The RightToPlay charity), and I have to raise a minimum of 500 pounds for them. This is another challenge for social welfare and awareness. I selected this charity because they are using sports as a tool for building communities (that’s something I totally believe in) and they also operate in Pakistan. Double win! So far, they’ve been very helpful (the point of contact, Lucinda, is keen on helping me which is awesome!). To know more about their work, see their website, and to donate to my charity fund, please click here. Thanks. 🙂
  7. My Muslim readers will notice that Ramzaan is coming in July this year. My training will go down due to the one month of fasting. This too is a challenge.

If you will notice, point 1 to 4 are all experiments. And point 5 and 6 are attempts at leveraging my experience. And point 7 is part and parcel of the overall strategy.

One can say I am travelling to London, but an adventurer doesn’t just travel, now does he?

There is another point. A very, very personal one.

The moment I hear the word “London”, I think “Richard Branson”.

Richard Branson London TriathlonI am trying to somehow have a 15 minute chat with my biggest inspiration, Sir Richard Branson. I know that he also runs the London Triathlon (Virgin sponsors the event), and am wondering that maybe he will grace me with his company over a quick cup of tea. I want to meet him, ask him a few questions and personally thank him for continuing to inspire me for almost a decade!

These 15 minutes will be more valuable to me than the triathlon experience, I kid you not. I still have no clue as to how to meet him, but hey, that’s an adventure in itself!


All of this – and this is a lot for me – ties in with that awkwardly-worded “overaching vision”. If I am able to complete this adventure – God willing – I will hopefully inspire others to think differently and derive more out of their own experiences. If not, then I do plan to have a lot of fun.

Question: Do you want to start an adventure of your own? What are your biggest hurdles? And if you are on an adventure, care to share your experiences? Click here to voice your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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