Start Your Own Milk Brand

Want to start a Milk Brand in your Area?

 Can easily be applied to ANY local distribution…

This is a case study of how I started a small, domestic milk brand.

We didn’t place our milk in shops. We delivered milk to hundreds of houses every day.

  • Started with less than 100,000 rupees.
  • Reached 280 liters per day within one month.
  • Profitability was more than 7 rupee per liter.
  • Do you want to see how that happened?

Home delivery of milk is a specific business, and there are little to no resources on how to do this successfully. This case study hopes to provide the field-tested knowledge for you to inshAllah apply.

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This is for YOU if…

This case study is presented so that you can:

Identify the most important parts of your business (all nine of them)
See what’s important in this business – and what’s not
Learn how you compete with the “big guys” with minimum investment (hint: it’s all about customer relationships)
Learn the building blocks of any business, and how those apply to this specific enterprise



Not for you if…

It tells you how I started and ran a profitable, small-scale, domestic milk brand. If you are looking for information on how to start a milk brand that you sell via shops/retail, then some of the sections will not apply to you. Also, this is especially not for you if you want to start this business without doing any of the work. This requires work on your part.

What’s In It

The case study is in digital format.

The content is presented in a modular way. Here is what we will talk about in the eBook:

The Problem is identified. And like most things with me, this started with a cup of tea.

The Possible Solution is tested. We will see how I surveyed a 100 households and what questions were asked. Also, how to ask them. (I learnt the hard way what it means to do sales!).

Customer Segments were identified. Includes a primer on the milk supply chain as it stands, and the profitability of what I call the last mile is discussed.

Marketing Channels were identified. Not only advertising, but the all important product delivery method.

Unique Selling Point was developed. We will see how you can be Different from your competitors in the market, and how my brand was different.

A deep look at possible Revenue Streams. You will only be selling milk initially, but there are than one way to capture value from existing customers.

I list down the Costs that I incurred. We look at two important aspects: the money required to start the business, and Operations Expense i.e. the money required to keep the business running.

We will see how to Check-and-Balance the business. Which key metrics are important in this business: I learnt the hard way to focus on the right numbers (for example: the simple act of accounting for milk in liters instead of total revenue removed a lot of bottlenecks!).

And finally, the Customer Relationships section will show us how I profited from developing a community instead of just a client base.

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About the Author
Hello & Asalaam o Alaikum


I am Mohammad Khan. I started this milk distribution enterprise in Lahore in 2002. I have started, by the Grace of God, many small, profitable businesses in the last ten years. And I love to write: after opening a small 10-animal dairy farm, I wrote a book on that too!

If you have any questions regarding this, you can contact me directly via Twitter, Facebook or good ol’ email. I read (and try to reply to) all messages.

Thank you for your trust and support,

I hope you find the content of this case study helpful. I wish you all the best and God bless,


You can easily pay via any Credit/Debit card, EasyPaisa/Jazzcash or Bank Transfer. (Payable in Pak rupees)

You will get the case study that you can read on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


Will I be able to start my own milk distribution after reading this?

Yes! BUT only if you take action. The methods discussed in this case study show how a profitable milk distribution was started in the city of Lahore. Using the same methods – which are based on universal concepts of sales and customer relationships – you can start your own in your area. God willing.

Do you tell how much money I would need to start this?

No. I do tell how much money it took me to start this. Again, the methods that were used to arrive at that cost are discussed, and are good enough to get you thinking for your business startup costs

How is the case study organized?

The case study is organized around nine sections. These nine sections are those universal principles that apply to any type of startup business. Not only will you learn – inshAllah – how you can apply those principles in your milk business, but you can use those principles to plan other enterprises as well.

I am lecturer/teacher at a University, and I want to make this book available for my students. What do I do?

You can contact me using the online form here.

…and can you deliver a lecture on this topic to the University students?

Yes. Get in touch for that.