Payoneer in Pakistan

As someone who has been working in the online field since the field was invented it seems (I sold my first website in 1999!), I have always been on the lookout for payment solutions for people in Pakistan. Payoneer has been serving me very well over so many years, but recently there has been a problem with how Payoneer is treating their customers from Pakistan. I write about that in detail in this article, so please read that after you have read about how to get a Payoneer card here in Pakistan – keep reading, and I wish you the best.

Payoneer has been an integral part of my online infrastructure, my toolkit for doing business online!

If you are receiving payments online, then you should seriously consider using Payoneer.

If you’re new to my blog, my name is Mohammad. I am a blogger and an entrepreneur from Pakistan. I have started and managed (ad)ventures ranging from crop and dairy farming, a hosting company, a milk distribution, a premium cake shop, digital information products, blog, physical workshops and a family of four. I am lucky to do what I do every day and by God’s Grace, I believe in God’s Grace.

But enough about me, let’s see how you can use Payoneer in Pakistan to get payments quickly (and safely!).

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in Pakistan

Using Payoneer

Here’s how I am using the Payoneer here in Pakistan.

  1. I sell physical products online. To be exact, we sell cakes. We accept credit card payments via 2Checkout.
  2. When someone pays us online, the money gets deposited with 2Checkout.
  3. Now, that money is with 2CO. How does it get to us? Several ways: I can tell 2CO to send me a check (takes freakin’ forever!), I can tell 2CO to wire-transfer the amount (that has higher fees and is a hassle to collect) and I can tell 2CO to simply deposit it to my Payoneer account.
  4. I obviously get the money from 2CO to my Payoneer account. Why? Because it is almost instant. We’re not talking a same-day transaction, we’re talking a same-hour transaction!
  5. So the money gets instantly transferred to my Payoneer account. I am in Pakistan, Payoneer is in New York. How does that help and how is that different from having my money with 2CO?
  6. Payoneer gives me a card. Whatever money I have in my Payoneer account, I can use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard. So effectively, the money I have money transferred to my Payoneer account, I can use the card to pay my online bills (stuff like hosting, email management, Amazon, books, you name it!).

Getting Payments for Physical and Digital Products

I also sell digital products (sitting here in Pakistan! Internet FTW baby! Woohoo).

I have successfully and instantly received payments from Clickbank and Gumroad. Alhumdulillah! Both platforms are great and the reason they hadn’t gained traction in third-world countries is partially due to the last mile problem! Payoneer solves that for me.

I am sure, God willing, it will solve your payment problem as well.

Get Your Payoneer Account for Free

You can start your application process by clicking on the link below (remember, if you have any problem, you can ask me directly, I would love to help you out. Or you can test Payoneer’s support staff as well: they’ve been very good to me so far!).

Click here to get your Payoneer account.

And that’s not all. Given my very, very positive experience with Payoneer’s staff, I have been able to communicate and effectively resolve issues on the fly! This I believe is very important for financial issues: people may need money for an emergency at any moment, and it feels good that Payoneer is very responsive to answer your queries. I am now practically friends with Nissim, a community manager with Payoneer.

I am putting up this page because I get questions regarding Payoneer. There are always a number of questions that keep showing up. So just as I have done with other areas (such as Clickbank, Dairy Farming, Blogging, Hosting etc), I know that this page can help you in understanding all you need to know about the Payoneer account.

So you can ask a question in the comments section below, and I will try to answer that for you. I want to give you some sense of peace that your questions and queries will be answered. God willing.

There is also a second reason for putting up this particular page. And it involves money. For both of us. When it comes to money especially, I want to be as forthcoming as possible. I always try to mention that I am getting an affiliate commission on a product or service that I am recommending. I am also very strict about recommending products: I recommend products that I have personally used and I know are beneficial. I see it as a moral responsibility for referring good things. I have written in detail about giving advice and referring products (which you can read here). But before you read that, the offer from Payoneer is quite unique actually.

Get a Bonus for Signing up!

Payoneer will pay me 25 dollars every time someone signs up with them using my link. That’s how affiliate commissions usually work out, right? But in this case, the one who is signing up also gets 25 US dollars. You also get a bonus for signing up.

So we both get 25 US dollars each! How cool is that?

Also note, signing up with Payoneer does not cost you anything! So if you are online – or want to be online – it won’t hurt to get your online infrastructure ready. As far as I’m concerned, a service like Payoneer is part of that infrastructure.

Click here to get your Payoneer account

P.S. Remember, any questions, you can always ask below. Thank you. I will inshAllah try my best to answer as quickly as possible. All the best and happy venturing!