RELEASE SCHEDULE – your creativity needs this!! (Urdu/Hindi)

Whatever you are creating, you need to have this in your life. You need a release schedule for your creativity.

It solves three problems faced by everyone who is trying to be better at their craft, their work. Check out the video below (then see the text below):

Having a release schedule helps you:

One: Discipline Your Creativity

Creativity without discipline is the breeze that has not been confined by a reed. Discipline separates the pros from the amateurs. Having a release schedule gives you that discipline, gives you that anchor.

Two: Dramatic Skill Improvement

Quantity is what gives you quality. It’s amazing how many times I’ve forgotten that. I think I am focusing on improving the quality, whereas it’s laziness in disguise. Having a release schedule, that one decision will also help you improve your skill, as you will put out more work in the long run. This will get the all important feedback loop going, and you skin will start to thicken as well  😉

Three: Have a Routine

God has placed tremendous benefits and barakaat in routine. Whatever you do consistently improves. Habits are simply actions done in a routine. And your release schedule will give you that routine. It will give you reasons to open up your calendar (or start using one if you don’t already), and plan your day, your week and your month…

I sincerely believe that for those who don’t have a written down release schedule for their creativity/output, having one will be the SINGLE BIGGEST STEP FORWARD.

Question: Check out the comments section here and tell me what you plan to have a release schedule for? Thank you for your attention.


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