Weekly Reporting for Q2 2014

Friday Refresh.

The 25 Apr 2014 update on the Q2Y14 goals.

I did not write this on Friday. Today is Sunday, 27 Apr 2014.

Here are the overall goals:

Writing: I missed the writing target by a large margin. Catching up this week. God willing.

Blogstarta: Just crazy. The old me (even a few months ago) would have quit by now. Shifting hosts is turning out to be (a) expensive and (B) just the largest time sync in the world. But I can do this. God willing. I can learn this. I feel that if I pass this threshold, I will be where most people can’t be. Most people, like the old me, would quit. I won’t. Watch this space.

Design By Momekh: The theme updates are as usual painfully slow.

LifeETC by Momekh: I got the post out on time. Wrote up a Subscriber-Only Page, including goodies there. This should be good. Also have decided to put the Progress logs up on the blog (accessible only through the Subscriber Only page though). Authenticity and Accountability, the two most pinching weaknesses, are addressed by doing this. This is nice.

Cakes.pk: saw a possible kitchen location but the problem is with the tenants that are living within the house. Long story short: the three tenants in the location are all served with one meter for gas and one meter for electricity. How can I run a business and track my expenses when the owner insists on actually “Guessing” the division every month. The location really suits us, but the “metering” problem is a deal breaker. Let’s see.

The last week was a blur. I slacked off in the middle. I let go of rituals way too many times. Last week was pain.

And I think the reason I didn’t write the Friday review, part of me was: I have nothing grand to report and another part, that is now more evident, was saying, “it is about time you slacked off on this!”. I expect to slack off. The most powerful story is taking its effect.

But the reason I write this review nonetheless is because I understand the importance of grit now more than ever.

Why Last Week was Pain.

Everything was happening. I was excited. I was actually busy reaping the rewards of what I’d sown in the previous two weeks. For example:

  • Writing: my guest post was published on the Payoneer blog. That was awesome. The blog is not that big, but the brand Payoneer is big. I even set up a page dedicated to answering questions about Payoneer Payoneer Card page.
  • Blogstarta: I talked to two potential leads. One is almost good to go. I knew I had to work on shifting from the good hosting to the better hosting option. That shifting was the most painful. Akkhh. I spent upwards of 15 P/D’s just shifting one domain. That was a grand waste of time. I learned little and just had to run around from one screen to another support chat.The new host Media Temple that I have chosen, their support is not as hot as they market it to be. I had to activate root access to my VPS server (I hate doing that; this means server needs work that it shouldn’t). But I am again sucked into talking about the problems: the things was that I had two new potential clients lined up. The tech behind the hosting is solid (very solid actually) and the plan is big. So this is exciting. Almost as exciting as it is difficult. Akkh.
  • LifeETC by Momekh: I published the posts on schedule. One is Do this to live a boring, mediocre life and the other, the latest one is This was my first business, man.Also, one of the previous posts (the one about Weak Connections) was appreciated by our very own Fizzler, Faith Watson. Her opinion matters more because of her chosen profession (that of a copywriter). I am nowadays looking for constructive feedback on my writing from people who are writers themselves.Faith not only liked the article, she took action in her own life based on the points presented in the piece. This was just awesome. She also gave me feedback (by asking a question) on the overall positioning of the blog, which again was validation. So yes, that went well. I’d love more of that from more of us, but yes, that went well.

As you can see, I didn’t like last week. Whereas I feel that the old me would have cherished it and not seen the lack of REAL work. I see the lack of real work done in the last week. This is progress.


And why do I see the lack of work? Because. I. Am. Tracking. It.

God bless measurements! Woohoo.

Bring it.

This is “Gritty” Momekh, signing off.



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