SJCAM SJ6 Legend Action Cam


Yes I know, SJCAM is a weird name for an action camera.

Two of the previous models of SJCAM, the SJCAM 4000 and SJCAM 5000, they were with us on our motorcycle trip across Hunza… and they have given me some really great footage to play with.

So I was not that worried about the quality of the camera and its overall usage: note that with action cameras, your primary focus really is action, right? So the ruggedness of the gadget really comes into the limelight. SJCAM passed that test with flying colors.

Also, the SJ6 Legend records in 4K at 30fps, which is a big deal, the videographer in me assures me. 🙂

Unboxing the SJ6 Legend (with tons of accessories)

Here’s the unboxing of the SJ6 Legend action cam:


I ordered the camera from AliExpress (you can order it from their OFFICIAL store on AliExpress – it really was a good idea to get their official accessories: they are much better quality than the vanilla flavored accessories!)

Getting the Action Camera Here in Pakistan

My order came via the Pakistan Postal Service. This is how the whole process went:


How to Get Your SJCAM Action Camera

Yes, I recommend the camera — it beats the GoPro 5 in most departments, and if you compare the price, then really, you can’t beat the SJCAM.

If you want to order SJCAM SJ6 from AliExpress, you can use this link. This is the official SJCAM store link.

On Amazon, you can find the camera here.



Using the SJCAM SJ6 Legend

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The camera was immediately put to use the day it came. It came with the memory card, and I had already ordered an extra battery. So yeah, right off the bat, by God’s Grace, I was ready to shoot.

The primary usage for me, it seems, will be motovlogging. Something like this (recorded on my SJCAM SJ6 of course):


Now, the audio on action cameras are usually bad to begin with. But with SJCAM’s SJ6, it is quiiite bad. But as you see, I had ordered the lavaliere/lapel mic for SJCAM as well (from the official store, so I knew I was getting a good product)…

Still, I am not happy with the audio setup for my motovlogging. This was another attempt to record even better audio with SJCAM SJ6:



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