Start your freelancing career in the next 20 minutes

This content will be helpful for you especially if you are based in Pakistan. Starting a freelancing (or a consulting) career is usually the first step towards financial freedom. This video is in Urdu/Hindi.

Here’s what I realized that changed the way I earned money: making websites is a skill, and selling that skill is a skill too!

I learned that skill and saw a vast change in the way I approached my work (this was back when I started freelancing with web development… it was later that I started freelancing as a writer getting paid as much as $150 for a 800 word article etc… but it all started with these basic principles, as I show in the video)

Can it really be this straight forward?

The following video will show you ALL you really need to start your freelancing and/or consulting business. Trust me, you don’t need a fancy office nor do you need that gadget … you just need answers to these questions (worksheet available for free !!).

Watch this video below and let me know in the comments section what you think:

You can download the mentioned worksheet at

Hope you found this useful.

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