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My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you be all you can be and make a positive difference in every area of your life

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After three months out of work and no real progress yet, I started to get discouraged. When I sent my older sister an email about my concerns, her reply included nothing but a link to an article on your blog, with the words “Read This!”It made my day, and gave me the next burst of energy I need to keep going. Thank you! I’ve signed up to receive your emails, and am looking forward to hearing what else you have to say!

Stephanie Hoban

I have searched high and low and nowhere I found such an in-depth look at the online business explained!

Ibrahim Saleem Khan

Thank you for sharing, your articles always act as an encouraging force for me.Allah Bless you

Ahmad Asghar

Alhumdulillah… Finally got a true and very helpful mentor, after searching for 1 year. Thank you so much for giving us the legit content I have never seen before.

Ammar Khalid

Excellent!I find your blogs quite enlightening especially when I can relate to what you say to people and thanks I’ve seen throughout my life.

Muhammad Tausif

Great Sir, You have changed my views regarding taking a step to setup my own business… Shoroo kartey hain InshAllah. Allah ap ko khosh rakhay… Ameen

BZ Khan

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