Why It’s OK if You Don’t Subscribe to this blog

If you are looking for a quick fix, get rich quick scheme, a short cut, please I invite you to unsubscribe from my list, stop reading my blog and unsubscribe from my YouTube, Insta, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds.

I am trying hard to “do the work”, and to share the best material I can for people who have agreed, in principle, to “do the work”. This is definitely not a short cut to success, not a get rich quick scheme and not a fly by night operation. If you are new here, you can see WHY Momekh.com exists, and what I am up to.

But I think we should first look into what a “shortcut” really means here, right?

Finding Shorcuts is Bad (But It’s Also Good)

Finding shortcuts is a mindset. That’s what’s really toxic.

What’s that mindset?

I have a quick quiz for you (pick your answer before reading)

Is finding shortcuts:

  1. Finding a faster, quicker, cheaper way of doing something
  2. Trying to find a faster way of doing something, and if none is found, you don’t do it.

Our immediate response to a shortcut is the first one. But that’s what entrepreneurship is a lot about, right? We want to find ways of using less resources to get better if not the same results. That’s the reason humanity progresses in a way.

The second answer, that’s why shortcuts are bad.

Short cuts make long delays

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

You want lose weight? The short cut is to go on a crash diet. Then you gain all that weight back, and then some. There is some solid research done on this: most people going on crash diets are heavier than they were when they started 2 years after starting the diet.

What’s the right way? Changing your lifestyle. Eating less and moving more. But that’s boring, that’s hard. That’s work yo.

You want to start a business? The short cut is to lie when selling, the short cut is to try to sell a bad product that you don’t believe in, the short cut is what is happening when you complain about the bad service, the cheating market place. The right way is going 10 clients at a time, serving them with what you promised them, putting in the work.

But What About Doing Something Faster, Better, Cheaper? Is that a short cut too?

Sure, go ahead, find a better way of starting a business if you can find it. Do you have the time to experiment like some of us may do?

Do you have the fuel to keep you going after one attempt after another?

You may have that. But here’s the kicker:

Are you actually DOING THE WORK while you are also searching for something faster? Probably not.

I may think I am building my business. I may spend hours getting training, I may spend weeks debating if selling to clients is better this way or that way. And I can make the ultimate rookie mistake of equating that with building my business.

No, I was not building my business. I was searching for better ways, which is fine in itself. But it confused me and it stopped me from doing the actual work. I did not make the phone calls, I did not write the articles, I did not record the videos. And so on…

Find “Good Shortcuts” is for The Seasoned Professional Only

You need to invest a lot of time into something to see how it can be improved. If you find that improvement, you can implement it in your next iteration. But before that, no shortcuts.

Find what works. And do that work. Track your activities as well as your results. All of this, that’s hard work. Searching online, watching YouTube “educational” videos and listening to a million coaches and teachers, that’s just you wasting time.

So in that sense, the material I share with you is the best material I can find on the subjects of starting an online business, creative self employment, personal development and living a life of adventure. That material is supposed to be acted upon. Sure, we can debate that. But know that the debate is not the work. The work is the work.

So only stick around if you plan on doing the work. #Bismilla

Either case, I wish you the best.

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