Why Most People Die at Age 25?

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Life means growth. No growth means there is no life.

Here’s the quote:

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75


Growth means that someone somewhere did something for the first time, and then kept doing it. Someone somewhere got out of their comfort zone, someone took a risk — for growth only happens when some of the old is replaced with some of the new. When one learns, one grows.


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  1. This is a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin and as per my understanding it refers to people giving up on their dreams as they reach the age of 25. The things that they want to do, what they want to achieve and the thrill to make the most out of their life dies as they reach mental maturity (which for most people is around the age of 25) so they aren’t motivated enough and end up losing focus. Rest of their life passes contemplating on what they could have achieved (if they had stayed young beyond 25). Just my understanding. Would love to hear the way you see it since you’re a gem at looking at things from perspectives that are unique in their own way 🙂

    1. Shahzeb, thank you for your misplaced trust in my abilities… 😉

      But you’re spot on in explaining the quote. But what can be done to solve this “untimely death” of so many of us? Where’s the damn pulse, where’s the drive to do and be more? That’s the bigger question I think… what do you think on that?

      Again, thanks for the comment and your feedback helps

  2. Its relative. I think I was dead till the age of 24 and I actually came to life at the end of my 24th year on this planet. That is only because I stopped doing what the society wanted me to do or expected me to do. I started doing what I loved to do 9to5 and 5to9. Started following my passion and now looking back all the dots connect perfectly, if I wasn’t dead for the first 24 years I wouldn’t have felt alive at 25, so you gotta do what you love to do. It can be anything, dancing, painting, running, climbing, writing, singing etc. etc. It could be anything but you got to love something, and then once you know what you love to do you got to let it kill you.

    1. Aithay rakh! Well said Moin!

      Doing what you love is also a clear “symptom” of people who are alive… as you are mashAllah alive!

      A lot of “noise” out there, and a clear cut “do what you love” does seem to cut through and provide a clear signal. So, gratitude and loving what one does… two “symptoms” of people who are and feel alive. Interesting….

      Loving your FB updates on the documentary run you’re doing in the States!.. maybe we can arrange a viewing of the documentary for the JustAddVenture community here? 🙂 All the best either way… and thank you for your feedback Moin.

  3. “Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.” well, This is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that embodies hault state of few people. Those who fail to bring potential & lack resistance to grow or move on in life. Usually these are the ones who came across few bad experiences in life like not getting good outcome from work, study or relationships. they lack interest and thrill of life since they are failed to achieve goals & ambitions. well talking about myself, Thankfully i am kind of happy person, luckily got amazing optimistic people around who used to motivate, guide & help me being a strong person and not a fault Repeater!! i strongly believe We deserve all the Good things that happen to us. so we should NOT die ourselves and feel guilty because of few bad things , rather accept the Blessings! Cheers.

    1. Uzma!

      Cheers indeed! 🙂

      Many of us think that being “thankful” comes AFTER we have what we wanted. As is hidden in your comment, you are thankful for the people you already had in your life, you just started seeing them like that, you changed your perspective. Interesting…

      Being grateful seems to be one of the most prominent ways to “being alive” 🙂

    1. Anxiety, loneliness, failures and being jobless… these are all SIGNS of life. The hopelessness that you feel is a curable disease though.
      But as long as you know you’re dead, you can inshAllah “come alive”, what do you think?

  4. Simple, they get married…..

    I do agree with you Mohammad we do die at approximately that age. Most of the skills, if not all, that i possess were learned before i was 25. I learned 3 languages, Science, Maths, Agriculture, respect for parents and humanity, soccer, cricket and the list could go on and on. On the contrary after 25 i have learned nothing concrete. Just to clarify a confusion certain readers might have that you learn every day. Yes we learn, but do we make an effort to learn something new or is the society teaching you lessons. Time to take our brain off the ventilator and let it struggle and learn something. Its hard initially, like learning ABC but so much more rewarding.

    Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75
    Benjamin Franklin

    1. Thank you Hassan for the feedback…

      So happy that you have taken your “brain off the ventilator” … great metaphor 🙂

  5. We become comfortable. The first part of our lives are defined by doing new things — things intrinsically outside our comfort zone. But at a certain point, we learn enough to become comfortable in certain things — whether a job, a friendship, a relationship, a city. It is easy to settle into that comfort and avoid the unpleasantness of being uncomfortable. But then we miss those experiences which make us grow and learn and change — that is, make us feel truly alive. So I ask myself constantly: am I pushing myself? Am I going outside my comfort zone? If not, I too will soon become a zombie — alive physically, but dead emotionally and spiritually.

    1. Thank you for the comment Paul. Doing what you’ve done in the past year or so, that’s pushing yourself to the extreme indeed! Hope it will stay with you in the most positive of ways, God willing.

  6. If I talk about myself then I was dead in the early parts of my life and pretty much started to wake up from a comma as I started to get control of my life! Until college I felt like I was plugged into the matrix, stuck in a rut, “obey” to what your parents and society wants you to be. However I believe I was my own Morpheus and woke myself up after I entered university. Of course The Agents of the system (read Amma & Abba) tried their best to keep me from escaping but… AHHOO! 😀
    However this is the case which lies at the fringes, the majority are happy to conform to a routine, feel safe in the known. And it’s not their fault because this is the default mode of the human brain. It finds comfort in the known, feels better when it follows a marked path. And hence as we start to mature, usually after completion of education and getting of a stable job which is around 25, we start falling in this comfort of the routine. Unknowingly we submit to it and slip into the comma eventually flat lining at 75. And this is what the older generations teaches the new one as well, conform and do not diverge for you shall be struck down upon and “log kya kahein gey?” ;)! But unlike breathing, living requires effort, it requires you to get out of routine and experience new things. Ir requires you to do what you love and makes you feel alive! And stop worrying about log kya kahein gey because those are just mumblings of comatose bodies! 😉

    1. “Log kya kahaein gay”… now that’s Agent Smith speaking! 😛

      The comfort of routine is also the enemy… or in this context at least. You only get to where you want to go if you are “consistent” about it, and that means routine — so routine itself is not bad. But most of us are not intentional about it, right?

      Thank you for your input Ashar! InshAllah, talk soon btw. 🙂

  7. If What U are following is the path of Ur dreams, commit Urself to it. Don’t leave the back door open with excuses: “this still isn’t quite what I wanted.” This sentence – heard so often – contains the seed of defeat (or in Ur words ‘death’)
    If U have a dream to fulfill, don’t waste Ur energies explaining why

    1. Patience is a difficult and a misunderstood virtue indeed! I always “want” it to be about just waiting… but it’s not now is it. It’s about “working while not making a fuss about it”… it’s “perseverance”.

      Well said Abu-Osaid!

  8. Everyone has explained what the quote means so far quite well so nothing much to add in that domain.

    But why do we choose to die while by default we are all artists and creatives when we are a child, what makes us give in to the norms? I guess responsibilities. No one has mentioned them yet and I being only 22, feel this great responsibility of helping my parents already and focusing more on the money to fill the financial gap my father has been working alone on forever with a stressful job but I guess ultimately, if not taken care of, this path might lead me into the cage of comfort.

    By the age of 25, I guess responsibilities make us cave in and kill ourselves. This perhaps is the darkest take at the topic but I’m a Batman fan and darkness is okay with me 😛

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