Your Bright, Compelling Future

Here’s what I want you to do: imagine for a moment that you are exactly, and I mean exactly where you want to be.


Are you reading this on your computer or your cell phone? Wherever you are, just imagine your biggest, most meaningful desire being fulfilled.

It may be that you want to lose weight, heck, even have six-pack abs.

It may be you want to have a million dollars in your bank account. Imagine the zeroes there. Yes, you’ve done it.

It may be that you want to fall in love. Fall hard. Feel ecstatic. Feel it?

Whatever excites you, imagine that you have done it.

Yes. You wanted to write that RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME BOOK, you have done it. You wanted to EARN A MILLION DOLLARS, you have DONE IT! You wanted to have the body of your dreams, all chiseled and awesome, you have DONE IT!!

Imagine your dream coming true. Imagine you’re living it.

Now tell me, did that feel freakin’ good or what!?

Our Future is Dependent On Our Commitments. Oh oo!

What we forget is that our commitments are like phone batteries: they need constant charging. I recommend – and have been practising – daily recharging. Daily I sit down and ask myself these two questions:

1: what am I trying to?

And 2: why am I doing it?

First is, What am I trying to do? This is the vision, the dream, the goal. Or goals. I not only answer that question verbally, I imagine it to be true.

Because this provides the unbelievable motivation that I have not experienced for years now. This is the motivation that sees me hitting the gym REGULARLY for the past so many weeks, this is the motivation that is seeing me WORKING on fixing the problems that have been burdening me for YEARS!

I have changed goals in the past to make them more exciting. Very, VERY exciting. And daily recharging of my commitments has made all the difference.

And the second question is: Why am I doing this? This is the reason, the purpose. This is a harder question to answer, but I know that this is more important of the two. If you have a big enough reason, you can do anything. Think about it. Reasons provide the rationale.

Because in our heads, this is what usually happens: Question one pumps you up with emotion. You can see yourself succeeding, at acheiving your goals. You get excited. If you don’t? Well, then, make the goal BIG ENOUGH that it excites you. It is in your control after all. Don’t think about the impossibility of it. Just dream man, make it exciting. Make it compelling.

But then your excitement subsides for a while, and your brain tells you how stupid you’ve been. How childish. You see yourself slowly shaking your head in disappointment. How could you possibly do this!!?? That is where the answer to the second question comes in and provides the rationale!

You are not only trying to lose weight, but to have a six pack ab!! You imagine yourself doing it, you get excited, you pay the gym fees, you are ready!! Then what happens!? You do not have a compelling reason! The vision is compelling, yes. But the reason is not there. FIND IT! Give it words! Find the adjectives that put a smile on your face.

I want to run 15 kms daily because I want to be in the best shape of my life, so I can serve my God, my family and my community to the best of my abilities. I want to wake up everyday feeling bloody ridiculously awesome and healthy.

And then you repeat that. Everyday. Takes a few minutes, but you end up memorising the answers to these two questions. Each of your goals get this treatment and you see yourself getting closer to achieving your dreams!

But this is not for me!? You say. This sounds too weird you may think. This is just too this or that. But what if this works for you? Isn’t it time you get out of your comfort zone and make things happen?


I wish you the best in YOUR compelling future, and I hope it’s absolutely fantastic!

God bless.

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