Dairy Farming in Pakistan

You will know why dairy farming is a good business, and what to look out for when you are starting out, because I am going to share some of my experiences (I have been involved directly in dairy farming for the last almost-two years).

dairy farming pakistan

My first hand experience starting a dairy farm here in Pakistan


Dairy Farming is a very hot topic in Pakistan. A lot of seasoned and would-be entrepreneurs have already jumped onto the Dairy Farming bandwagon in Pakistan, and even more so like to talk about getting into dairy farming. But have you asked yourself this question, “why start a dairy farm?”

Why Start A Dairy Farm

Yours truly have been working on the dairy farming project since June 2009. My interest was pretty much ‘academic’ at first; just knowing how the business and the animals operate. It was after almost a year of travelling in and around Punjab, meeting countless number of people in the field, discussing and debating with some very qualified consultants and breeders, that I decided to dip my toes in this project.

I was interested in quite a few facets of Dairy Farming:

  1. The Business Model: Dairy farming has a very unique business model, and no other business has the capability of multiplying its assets while still producing revenue. Remarkable.
  2. The Current Situation: One of many lessons that Richard Branson has taught me is that you should get into a business where you think you can do better. Dairy farming, I knew, had a very, very large room for improvement.
  3. A Very Solid Demand: A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs would consider a ‘demand’ for something a good enough reason to get into any project. But for me, dairy farming is not only the demand of the market, but also a need. People need healthy, quality milk (and meat). It fits in with the idea of for-profit philanthropy where I stand a chance of actually helping people out, and earning prayers as well as profits. Now that’s an inspiration!
  4. Super Integration: This was not vertical integration as much as it was super integration. I already have two independent projects, one agriculture farming and the other is milk supply within Lahore, Alhumdulillah. The dairy farm has the potential of sitting in very nicely between the two, and providing wholesome integration. Although integration of any two businesses, much less three, is a pain in the neck (amongst other body parts), dairy farming provides me with the perfect long-term inspiration for working on these three projects!

Warning: Know This Before You Start Dairy Farming

Most of the things people say, they just say them without much thought. They’d discourage you from doing anything different. This should not stop any half-decent starta from doing and starting different projects, of course. Having said that, following are the main points – so far – that should be considered when starting your own dairy farm:

1. It is a long term project.

There are no two ways about it. The time when you actually start seeing profits, IF a lot of things go right, is at least three years, usually five years. If you start taking out profits from it before three years, be prepared to inject more money in to it afterwards. But the upside to this remarkable business model is best explained by the following example that I frequently give to my friends and would-be entrepreneurs:

  • I start a shoe shop, selling shows. You start a dairy farm, selling milk.
  • After three years, if both of us do well in our businesses, I’d be richer than you.
  • After six years, I’d have five branches all over the city, and will still be richer than you. You’d have great cash flows but you will find it hard to beat my retail outlets.
  • Ten years later, it won’t matter how good I am doing, you will be much richer than me, in terms of assets, and most importantly, in terms of cash in hand.
  • After 10 years, no business seem to even come close to the almost logarithmic growth of a dairy farm.

So if you can train yourself to actually think slow and steady, rather than fast and wobbly, then dairy farming is definitely something to consider.

2. The Most Important Factor is Currently the Hardest

The hardest part of setting up a dairy farm is the procurement of good-quality, high-yielding, environment-hardened animals. This is also the most important activity for an owner of a dairy farm.

You can go for imported cows, but I did not and I recommend that you don’t either.

A lot of people will tell you that you shouldn’t because they are expensive. I want you to know that imported cows are not expensive. If you are paying 140,000 (PKR) for a cross-bred cow, then paying 180,000 for an imported cow does not make the cow ‘expensive expensive’, it just makes it ‘relatively expensive’. And your target is not to increase the number of heads, but to increase the number of liters of milk. So an imported cow averaging 25 to 30 liters per lactation is much better than a cross-bred cow averaging 14 to 18 liters per lactation. The ROI is just plain and simple and you should stop listening to people who tell you otherwise.

But that’s not the reason why you should not get imported cows. The number one problem with imported cows is that they are unable to withstand the blast of heat of the Pakistani summers. Setting up the right infrastructure is essential, but that is not the only thing that you’d have to look into. There is disease and the very little margin of error that the imported cows give to you and your management.

I would suggest you do what I am doing; find good-quality locally bred cows, make sure that your dairy farm shed and cooling infrastructure is very much in place and then run the farm for at least a year toΒ gaugeΒ how well your infrastructure (shed, cooling etc) is handling your locally-bred cows.

But that brings me back to the main point: finding high-quality locally bred cows is the hardest thing you’d have to do. It is also the MOST IMPORTANT thing for any dairy farm. As I have repeated this repeatedly (!!), a dairy farm’s main function is to procure and breed good-quality cows. The milk (and meat) is a by product of that main function.

So be prepared to hunt down good animals wherever you can find them. I remember travelling a total of 2000 kms plus, by road, all over Punjab, in one week, just to see and meet cow breeders. I didn’t pay half as much attention to the shed that I was constructing, or even the silage pits that were being prepared at the time, because purchasing the right animals is that one 20% activity that gives more than 80% of the result (if you are not aware of the wonderful 80/20 principle and how it applies to everything I talk about here, do read up on it by clicking here)

3. Finding the right people

Finding the right person to manage your dairy farm is also something to pay VERY close attention to. Stealing milk is very easy. If you do not trust the person who is managing the farm, then that’s a losing proposition. You should pray that God helps you find that person. You can also start with a solid attitude of trust, of reward and of accountability. I can write quite a few things on how to deal with people, because that is ALL of this is about, but suffice it to say for now, that one of the hardest things to do in dairy farming – just like in any other business – is to find the right people to manage and carry your dairy farm forward.

Details of who’s who and how many people should do what activity, those things are not the scope of this article and may be covered/posted later, God willing.

Finding technical help like that of vets and professional consults for animal feeding etc is NOT a problem, especially here in Pakistan. That is again one of the benefits of dairy farming, that the infrastructure that only a government can provide, is ALREADY IN PLACE in Pakistan. Sure there are problems, but it is good enough for you to not complain and get some work done.


This is just a run down of my thoughts on dairy farming and some – just some – of the pitfalls that you should look out for. By God’s Grace, my dairy farm has been operational for a about 4 months now and I am happy that I have started this business.

God guide and bless us all. Good luck to you in your conquests and queries.


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  1. Wasim Abbas

    Aoa, Every One,

    I am doing job in Islamabad at good salary package, however, I realize in last few months that I am not comfortable with job, therefore, want to start my own livestock business with full devotion & hard work as well.

    Most of the expert persons are here who already run similar business. Plz guide me on following

    I want to established a cattle farm with 25 goats in the area of Chakri (Rawalpindi).

    – No land, however, I will intend to take land on rent. <Is this feasible?
    – what type of breed I use
    – Cost of shed
    – From where I can procure breed.

    Please suggest something else which is helpful for me to startup such business.

  2. Farhan Malik

    Salam Sir, your essay on dairy farm is good. I want to start it with 8 to 10 cows. How much amount is required for starting this business. Would you like me to guide? I have land

    • Rana Mohsin Manj

      20 Sy 25 Lakh Or Zameen B Apni Honi Chahia Jahan Pathay ogaye Jayen

  3. Muhammad Javed

    AOA Dear
    I am interested in dairy businesses but initially, i want to start it with 05 or maximum 15 animals mean cattle for meat production. As i don’t have any agri land therefore can it be started on silage or corn grass due to non avail of agri land and green fodder. Will it be feasible ? As i am intrusted to add gradually some goats for eid and desi hens in said farm. Plz offer your suggestions n comments.

  4. Imran Bhatti

    AOA Dear
    I am interested in dairy businesses but initially at ltd scale due fin and land problem. I wana start it with min 15 animals (mix cow & buffalo) on rented farm. As i don’t have any agri land therefore can it be started on silage due to non avail of agri land and green fodder. Will it be feasible ? As i am intrusted to add gradually some goats for eid and desi hens in said farm. Plz offer your suggestions n comments.

  5. inayat

    interesting and informative.

  6. Zawar hussain

    Salam Sir, your essay on dairy farm is good. I want to start it with 8 to 10 cows. How much amount is required for starting this business. Would you like me to guide?

  7. Mohammad Ali

    Hi and Salam,
    I have gone through your blog its different and quite unique of its own kind! but the only observation regarding your blog is that entrepreneur who want to start off from very scratch fail to understand the basic questions like;
    1. Minimum animal required to start off as an entrepreneur?
    2. Cost per day per animal?
    3. Min-Max price for animal
    4. Min-Max Milking capacity
    5. Min-Max Human resource required
    6. Min-Max Area required
    7. Min investment required for starting off this venture?
    8. This book available in urdu language also??
    9. All abow question is in written in e book?

    sorry for so much questions but I am keen to know all these things
    this book available in urdu language also??

    • M. Rizwan Khan

      Assalamo Alaikum to all my dear fellows,
      Firt of all I want to appreciate Momekh for very informative blog for the new and in this business fellows. Secondly I want to introduce myself. I’m M. Rizwan Khan from Sahiwal region. Return from US two years ago with mind to settle and run a business in Pakistan. I have a little background of dairy animals but not as a commercial business. So before ruturning from US I searched alot about modern dairy farming. With the help of ALLAH Almighty I started this business and Alhamdolillah I’m thankful for all the blessings.
      Here’s some practical things which I want to share with all of you.
      1. If you’re new in this business first thing keep in mind about your budget. Don’t look at the big dairy farms.
      2. Look at the place you have easily available for your dairy farm.
      3. I’m telling this at no.3 but I should write down this at no.1 which is if you’re not working at dairy farm you need a trusted labour person.
      4. Build a shed with modern measurements but which covers your budget.
      5. Manage silage before getting your animals.
      6. Now look your area atmosphere and buy animals with that environment.
      In last the way momekh said run a business better then own a business.
      I will share my little feasibility in next comment also IN SHA ALLAH that where I was and how I started.
      If anyone want to ask anything can contact me at rizwanabbassi108@gmail.com

  8. Qaiser Mehmood

    Very nice and informative. Thanks for the blog.

    • M. Rizwan Khan

      Assalamo Alaikum to al fellows again,
      In previous comment I just intro to myself. In this I want to share little feasibility.
      Anyone can start a dairy business with capital of 15 to 20 lakhs min.
      When I put my head in this business I had a desi infrastructure with 4 buffalo’s and 3 calves.
      I had 2 kanal hata and 6 acres agricultural land to grow fodder. The very first thing I put attention I demolished the old building and use the material in new shed. This way I saved some money in constructing new shed. The second and very important thing for dairy is silage. So I made two bunkers for silage and grow corn crop for silage and made it successfully. The third thing I change in my farm was I procure my animal. In our region people prefer buffalos then cows so I start with some new buffaloes which had better capacity of milk. The main decision I made ever in my life was I traveled along with my best friend and find some cross breed heifers age of 12 to 14 months old. After one year of struggle with the help of Almighty I achieved much.
      My shed is 50 feet long with 40 feet width with roof plus 20 feet area for my animals on both sides.
      I spend 8 lakh on shed plus two bunkers.
      Bought four milking buffalos spend 5.3 lakh on them. They covered my shed expenses.
      Spend 4 lakhs for 7 young heifers which were 12 to 14 months old.
      Spend 3 lakh on silage crop plus silage making.

      Expenses of farm. 25k wanda+8k labour person+5k medicine+10k utility bills+5k miscellaneous=53k total

      with the help of Almighty I’m selling around 120 litters per day. So calculation is 120*30=3600*45=162000
      So around 150 t0 160 is my monthly income average.

      Alhamdolillah 90 to 100k is every month of my earning. IN SHA ALLAH later on I will extend my farm as well.

      I hope I gave a short but brief feasibility.

      • syed naseeb ul hassan shah

        aslamo alei qum friends yaar main gujrat city main dairy farm shoroon kerna chahta hoon(20lakh) capital ka sath pleas koi idea ho to nawazish ho ghi thank u aslamo alei qum

  9. Saif

    Very informative blog

  10. sajjad bokhari

    I would like to start a small dairy farm initially with 4 to 5 cattles , in the outskirts of Islamabad. Kindly advise .

  11. Slam i have some cows and buffalows and i want extend large scale but i have no money

  12. AbidUllah

    Salam siry name is Abid working in Dubai
    Soon I m starting also my own dairy farm
    In start I wana buy 5 cow can u till me how much place and how much money will enough ?
    And I have our own land for farming !

  13. Naveed Sadiq

    Where can I get the book and what is the price of the book……?

    • Naveed, you can get the guide at http://mmkh.co/dairyguide (the price is $47 — you can pay via credit card, bank transfer or mobile payments like Easypaisa etc).
      Thanks for your interest.

      • Adil

        Hello brother how are u? I really like this blog I purchased ur book last year , learned lots of stuff about dairy business.. I am about to come pakistan and finalize my work.. I just saw a add about Australian cows for sale on installments, how real this is and where I can get cows on installments?? Please let me know it will be really helpful .. thank you

      • Momekh

        Thank you for your appreciation Adil. I don’t know about the installments working out or not, maybe someone here has experience in it and guide you accordingly?

  14. wak

    aslaamualikum brother ive recently started this dairy business we have just recently bought a cow and are looking to add more cows plz can you tell me what do i need to give my cow which type of food so that it generates it allocated milk. will u also tell me do u reckon we should buy any cows of other foreign countries eg swedish or australian cows

  15. Mukhtiar

    Dear sir Aslamoailkom
    Sir I want to start dairy farming tell me how much expensive for 10 baffalo in start
    Thanks pls reply

  16. Angel 346

    Hi Momekh,

    It was wonderful reading your post. However, I know of a friend who started this business a few months back, invested huge amount purchasing land, equipment, cows etc and now going in heavy losses each month.

    I wonder what he may be doing wrong when everyone else agrees that it is a profitable business.

    Any advise you can give us?

    Would appreciate a lot!

  17. Muhammad Usman

    Can you mention some training courses on Dairy Farming in Pakistan that may enlighten about basics of animal care?

    • I have written a guide on how to start a dairy farm, you can start there: http://mmkh.co/dairyguide

      A reader told me this story:
      “Me and my partner decided on starting a dairy farm… I am in Saudi, and he is in Pakistan. He enrolled in a 15 day course on dairy farming management, paying well over 35000 rupees for a daily class. I was unable to find such course. But whenever we talked on the phone or discussed dairy farming, my friend would tell me something he learned, and I would tell him more than that. He kept asking me how come I have learned as much as him, without taking any extended course on dairy farming. It was then I told him that I had read your book (the dairy farming guide).”


  18. naeem ullΓ h

    I am interested in the dairy form I required some information about this matter plz inform me

  19. G. Mustafa Butt

    I want to start goat & sheep farming. Need your help.

  20. Shameel

    Hi and Salam,
    I have gone through your blog its different and quite unique of its own kind! but the only observation regarding your blog is that entrepreneur who want to start off from very scratch fail to understand the basic questions like;
    1. Minimum animal required to start off as an entrepreneur?
    2. Cost per day per animal?
    3. Min-Max price for animal
    4. Min-Max Milking capacity
    5. Min-Max Human resource required
    6. Min-Max Area required
    7. Min investment required for starting off this venture?

    sorry for so much questions but I am keen to know all these things

  21. Rizwan

    Dear sir i want to start a dairy farm kindly guide me minimum how much buffalo buying for starting my idea i will start 5 cross breed buffalo whats you idea this is right or i will start more buffalo 5 or 7 or 10 or 20 minimum how much. how can u help me for great idea.
    Thank You

  22. Tawheed Ali Azeemi

    Dear All Asalam Alikum

    I want to start a dairy business in Afghanistan, for initial start how many cows or pregnant heifer (First lactation, High producing Animal) should i need to run a run business for having a profit.

  23. qasim bashir

    Hello sir i have just gone through ur blog.i want to set up a controlled dairy shed.i have an agrarian background and the place where i want to setup this farm is near shorkot jhang in a small village.i need to ask you quite a few things regarding this controlled shed.the first and foremost thing is regarding the capital required to setup a farm.for example if i start with the herd of 10 imported cows then how much capital will be required including the shed,equipment anf others neccesary items to run a daity farm..please shed some light on these queries..waiting for your rply.

    Qasim bashir-jhang

    • junaid bharwana

      dear i m also from jhang …..and intrested in this field …can we help eachothrs

  24. Aslam o elikum to everyone…. Guy this very hot bussiness now in days all over the world. So i m planing to start this bussiness
    And i visit one farm in sialkot punjab this farm size is 6 kanal for 40 cows and 16 acres for cow for all cows import from austrlian in 320,000 each cow price by farm onwer he is very good and respectable man first of all. He personally show his farm to and details. He design water sprinkle system for cow in summers and also fitted wall mounted fan for cows for electricity back up he set out a generator who power by diesel and biogas
    He make additional biogas plant to use gas for generator he asked very cow milk avg is 20 to 22 ltr daily. Atleast he have a good farm designe and he is happy with this now he is intrested to make an other farm bigger than this one on another place and i m very impressed and make my mind to start this bussiness. But cows r to much costly for me. But i will manage and advise for me about this please suggest me

  25. zafar

    I have read your all fruitful tips.I am wonder that you can,t tell us the right place where we can find our required cattle.Its mean,we don;t have any reliable breeder farm in pakistan ,I think people are catching cows from ” MANDI ” and lotting the customres.Is it true.New comer cannot find the room in dairy farm


      u r right Zafar, Mandis mostly have cows which people want to get rid of due to low milk or some sickness. In my experience, u shud only buy first calving calves from Mandi, that too after careful checking by a vet. Breeding is not very profitable, so there r not many breeders, but there are some. Tell me which area are you from, and I might be able to guide u.
      BILAL CH

  26. Mohammad Zeshan

    Cool very nice information you have put here.Thanks for this effort and info.
    For the startup this is very helpful.

  27. Rafaqat Ali

    I am glad to see how educated friends are helping each other on this forum : Simply amazing effort . I am planning to start up dairy farm as well , I am based in Amsterdam , and planning to move back to Pakistan after setting up some reasonable source of income .
    I have 25 acres of land available near sargodha , I want to start small as i am out of capital . Please suggest me for 25 mixed breed cows , how much minimum capital i must have before i think to start πŸ™‚ ?
    I have no shed but a simple dera system, would that work with these cows or i must build a separate shed for these cows?
    Looking forward to hear from you , Please provide your mobile number so i can contact you for further assistance , I would really appreciate it .
    Rafaqat Ali

    • Mohammad Zeshan

      He already post the price for cross breed cows RS 14,0000 estimated…Now count the cows purchase cost.Count ur expense for construction…Before doing this visit 3-5 shed and u can find much info from their.


      Nice to hear from another fellow from Sargodha. I myself have a small setup in Sargodha. The advantage of owning the land is that u can save a hell lot of cost. Make medium level infrastructure without overly spending on it. Dedicate 6 acres of land to the farm for fodder. Getting good farm workers is the most important thing, no matter if u have to pay double for them. Last but not the least, choose animals very carefully.

  28. Imran

    Sir plz guide me the procedure how to import the cattle from abroad I am very interested in dairy farming


      I suggest u dont go for imported cattle if u r new to this. They r sensitive and u can easily go into loss. Start from cross breed.

  29. maan

    go for neli bori and pure sahiwal nasal cows

    if u dont buy so go for a bachras its easy avaiable 30 to 50 thousand rupess

  30. Muhammad Anwar

    Dear Momekh,
    Your blog is such a helpful article on net, which gives too much information about dairy farming specially, ” finding the high quality locally bred cows, as well as, the right people to manage the farm”.
    About 10 years back, i was attached with this business as an supervisor to handle a cattle farm at Karachi. Thereon, I gained lot of experience regarding dairy farming.
    Having a small piece of agriculture land at my native village in Dist.Buner of K.P.K. I wish to set up a small dairy farm of 6 cows. I myself searching for an sound investor who can invest with me for a big dairy farm.
    Hope you will guide me about the same.

  31. Ali Ahsan

    Its really informative I m in England right now but I have plan to come Pakistan and start this dairy business

    • Waqas

      hello Ali ,

      i would like share my view and experience i am computer engineer having a 12 year of Experience in Computer filed and at end i am conclusion is that business is gud then job now i searching in different field poultry, ostirch and finally click the live stock we are working to produced meat not milk it called the calf fattening farm in this farm we produced the Quality Meat , Export Quality Meat which is check and passed throught all quality processes i also suggest you to search about fattening farm instead of dairy farm

    • Zahid Raza Ch.

      Dear Waqas
      can u provide more detail about “calf fattening farm”. I’m from Gujrat and already running small dairy farm and very much interested in calf fattening farm.
      with best regards
      Zahid Raza ch.

  32. Dairy Farming is Expensive or most caring work in field .
    For Example If you buy good cow whose milk is !5 20 liter the cost of those cow round about 2 lac so if u buy 20 cows 40 lac required 4 million its huge amount and Disadvantage if your business not Give output then u lost all the money and huge money

  33. muhammad umer warraich

    dear sir…
    i need a loan for my dairt farm….can you tell .from where i can get this loan..thanks

  34. zEESHAN

    Hi ..
    Quiet an informative blog brother keep up the good work. I will be kicking off my project i.e Dairy Farming. in couple of months time. I would be going with locally bred as a I believe you would probably make less margins but it would give you a relatively safer start.
    The only major issue that I see which may become a pitfall going forward would be load sheding. Given you are trying to run the farm on commercial basis you would need to store milk, have spray booths to work in peak weather, milking parlour, showers etc.. A backup generator would kill the margins out given the rising fuel costs…any advise on that would be highly appreciated.

  35. Shoaib

    I just started a small sheep farm at Jhelum. Great article… Yep, I agree that choosing the right person for the job is the key to success in every business.
    But the sad thing is that We have still not been able to get that kind of a person and are praying that ALLAH help us get a right person…
    Anyways keep up the good work…


  37. Kamran Kazmi

    I am planning to initiate a dairy cum livestock farm at Khairpur Mir’s & Karachi simultaneously. I want to be in touch with you. My Cell No is 0333-7586276.

  38. muhammad saleem

    Dear sir ,i want to start farm of bufello calf for thiswhat you can suggest me please revert me on my e mail thanks
    saleem khan

  39. Shahbaz Malik

    Sir i am farming fro last 4 years with imported holsteins and it is possible to make the farm profitable with imported cattle only….



    Kindly sir i want to start the dairy farming in the Moro City district Naususero Feroze Sindh province their is summer is maximum tempeture is 49 degree and i have 4000 thousnad square feet plot so plese help me . How can i strart the dairy farming with unique model and with 5.00 million cost and which kind of animals i can purchase cow and other here no cow milk but other

  41. sakandar hayat jajjah

    i like dairy forming busines.

  42. saeed anwar

    Dear Muhammad Khan,
    Thanks for sharing your hard earned experiences on this proj.I had already learnt about your venture in this field and known your name” Momekh”,but could not contact.Your candid opinion about procurement of locally bred cows has fall in with me.And it happened at a very apt time when some of the companies in Milk line were rendering compelling advice to go for import of either HF or HFJ. But i donot have much spare rokker to spend but to show off.
    I am just equipping my self to pursue my dream,if God willing,but in hand projs are to be accomplished first to also make the farm automated,InshaALLAH.
    With regards,

    • Thank you for your kind words, Saeed.
      It boils down to the budget too, yes. Going with cross-breds was a decision based not on money though. It was to train myself and the people who were at the farm, to take care of the animal. As I mention in detail in the Dairy Farming Guide, the cross breds have a higher margin of error. Cross breds are obviously not as profitable as a well-maintained HF farm for example, but it survives on its own inshAllah.

      Hope this answers few of your questions, friend.

  43. Faizan Rasool

    Stumbled upon this blog and post! Great stuff!

  44. Ali Raza

    I have 50 acer land in Jhelum near river Jhelum how I can start this business, and also I have 4 acer in Lahore one acer is with boundary wall please help me regarding this business and main thing money I don’t have.

  45. Syed Asghar Mustafa

    Mr. Mehmood Khan please tlle write now, Iam looking information about dairy afrmining. Some question to you give me ansewer.
    1) business stared with woh many cows?
    2)what is the life of one cow in dary business?
    3) my need Rs.125,000/- per month with loan istallment kindly advoice me this good me i started this business with loan?
    4) location of my business in Karachi.
    Kindly give answer my question as soon as posible

  46. babarwaqas

    i need to be start cattel farm for meat so what we do for that who one provide us cattel for meat we want to prepare for EID and others time too specialy for eid so how can we start and where i get my require animals i want to start that work ase try minimum of arrangements if i feel its realy profits me than i can invest more so please guide to me what i do i have a farm house and agricultre farms so guide to me for my good business

    • sir my name is qaiser Abbas about dairy information or required animal you can contact with me 0313-7977247


    Sir, your essay on dairy farm is good. I want to start it with 4 to 5 cows. How much amount is required for starting this business. Would you like me to guide?

  48. Asim Altaf

    How much this book costs?

  49. Imran Yasin virk

    Sir, I want to visit your dairy farm,plz allow me

  50. Imran Yasin virk

    Dear sir, You’re views and exprence is very important and valuable for us like me who is interested in dairy farm.

  51. Saaad

    To do business you need a commercial brain ………. funds are secondary things…..

    i started with only PKR 150,000 now i own 30 animals in 3 years…..

    dedication and commitment…………… thats what you need…

    • Muhammad Irfan Habib

      Dear Saaad

      Can you please bit more expand on your dedication and commitment..would be interesting to know you strategy how you have acheived 30 animals in just 3 years time and with a very low investment..


  52. awais asadullah

    Dear’s ,
    as per my understanding information’s are summarized because Dairy Farming is my family business from decades , its not so easy how is it explained because on few lines it shows a positivity that dairy farming is good business and more over in few lines its written that to find a good quality animal & people it is an hardest job , because with passion you will try to enter in different places without having any kind of friends it is dangerous specially know a days so just look up in cities or villages near by cities avoid entering in KACHA”S it is dangerous and to get good quality animals contact live stock professionals so they will arrange good quality animals , Know for trusted personnels work hard ? it is questionable know a days this is very difficult .

  53. hi sir i am somall farmer in pak i am interseted in dairy farm pls infrom

  54. i like your views

  55. Muhammad Faisal

    First of all thank you for providing great contents online, I think this is one of the best source of info related to dairy farm business. I learned a lot from the contents and wanted to explore a bit more. I am contemplating to start a small to medium size modern dairy farm business but I lack education/experience in this field. I need to know

    1. Land requirement/location (I am evaluating 4-6 Kanals near Islamabad)
    2. Breed of animals and will it be Cows or Buffaloes
    3. Feed (grow your own Vs buying from the market)
    4. Essential equipment and staff.
    5. Building the Shed & milking parlour
    6. Last but not the least, selling milk (Gawala’s Vs the milk shops Vs the door to door delivery)

    I would dearly love an advise on how to start this project.

  56. asim

    information given is very beneficial,but where to get good animals from southern punjab.Kindly help me out as i am running a dairy farm but difficult to find good breed.Thanx

  57. Aamir Rai

    Dear brothers,
    Dairy farming now a days has become a bit difficult and ignored by the Government side. Milk doesn’t carry any good price in the market. Milk collecting companies like Nestle, Olpers, Millack etc are offering very low prices which don’t even meet the expenditures of your dairy farm. Some thing must be done to raise the milk price and reduce immense profit stolen by the middle man/companies from Dairy farmers. Government is sleeping on this issue and will keep doing it unless woken up by force. So think over it give your views focusing on this issue without wasting any more time. Some via media must be found otherwise people in this business are thinking on other lines and this is true.

    • Muhammad Irfan Habib

      Dear Aamir

      We can not force big players to raise the milk price .. its impossible …
      what is alternative? we need to reduce our cost of production…cost per litre…..
      Dairy in PAK is not subsidised like USA where price is set every month so farmers are relaxed that they will get a confirm price. In Pakistan,we are following US style farming and respect US genetice that have been designed for high input/high output and their reproduction is just BAD.
      In NZ, our dairy industry is not subsidised and our genetice are more profitable that produce low cost per litre.

      Genetics are the most important component in your dairy business, go for a profitable cow not for the cow that produce more milk but left less margin.

      e.g if a big cow producing 30 litres of milk needs 25 litres to cover its cost and left 5 litres net margin, whereas a small size cow producing 20 litres milk need 10 litres to cover its cost and left 10litres net margin, WHICH IS A PROFITABLE COW?

  58. ali murad

    I like your views

  59. Awais Ahmed

    Salam Alikum

    Can somebody please tell me how much money will be enough to start dairy farming at this time. Will be much appreciated.

  60. Muhammad Camran

    it is so pleasant to know that Pakistan has all the
    youth who want to do , good for fellow pakistanies. im really
    impressed by the study , and the research you guys have done .

    i have bought this E-Book its really informative… may ALLAH JEE give reward to Mr.Momekh for this help…..
    i m interested in opening a Dairy Farm… but have no experience but inshALLAH ALLAH jee help me as do always.. so we all who r getting to this industry will get success and do better for our Pakistan……..!

  61. Assalamoaleekum to everyone on this site.
    My story is not different than yours .want to self employee. Be in north america since my 20 years of age done everyjob from scratch . Recently working with my own self fabricated food truck in calgary alberta . Couples of question before jump into dairy industry .Q1.who many animal andwhat type of land and animals with minimumand secured investment(less risk).
    who large land required who much investment except land required. i love to work hard but in halal way does not matter work in GUJJAR way OR COWBOY way JOB IS JOB. Like to work out and knowledge . Personally trying to go back home with my family and not to engage any job or bussiness except creative like this . May ALLAH bless all of us who are struggling in it Any act include interest,haram ,and not according to SHARIAH involve in it please let us know . Because want to make halal money not haram .Love to all brothers and sisters and specially MOMEK. ALLAH HAFIZ.

    • You are in good company Asif! I wish yo all the best and inshAllah, what you aim for, it is very much possible! I want my life to be an example of that. I know you do too. God bless and good luck, friend!

  62. Zubair Naeem

    Hey there momekh well i have seen all the information regarding animals and buying and selling and idea of dairy and much more but can we get contacts of ur ustaads or ustaad -e- mohtrum got to visit their farms to get practical information and got to see animals and look forward for new ideas which we dont have at our own places and about animals breeding and much more pls do let us know about those contacts … thanks brov…

    • sadiqali

      Dear Sir. I want to started the cow form house in K.P.K terbela ghazi plese help me and give the best idea for started in cow forme house. please tell me how much need investment for this forme .03315684465

  63. Fazal Mehmood

    dear sir,
    I want to start dairy farm in karachi. i need ur advise regarding investment and proper location for dairy farm

    Fazal Mehmood
    0332 3035497

  64. akhlaq

    Am working in dubai last 5 year now i want to start a buzziness in pakistan i need ur gentel advice and info about this buzziness in june i will leave dubai n vizat ur form also i will wait ur email.Ak.

  65. Najeeb

    can someone guide me about the disposal of cow milk in Karachi?
    I am interested in the answers of following questions;
    1. To whom we can sale the Cow Milk? (Since it is not popular for domestic use)
    2. how much roughly the per liter selling price of cow milk in comparison of the Buffalo in wholesale?

    • Tanveer

      Dear Najeeb,
      There are so many private companies in Pakistani market
      (like Nestle)to buy the cow milk.
      Once you find a reasonable buyer of your milk, this potential buyer would better answer your second question.

  66. Dr. Syed Khurram Raza

    Hi All,

    I really love the idea of self-employment as some said “If you dont start start building your dreams, someone will hire u to build theirs.” I just wanted to share some information regarding Vaccination of cows. Various studies have shown association of less productivity and infertility in cows with vaccination. Kindly check this link http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21676477

    Regarding vaccination it is also alarming to find that even for humans they have many side effects. In USA vaccine injury compensation act has been passed in 1986. Kindly do some research.

    One last thing, plz do not sell your milk to BIG MILK COMPANIES. These companies destroy all water soluble vitamins of heating to very high temperatures. Also these companies reduce fat soluble vitamins.

    Best of luck to all of you for earning Halal Rizk.

    Dr. Syed Khurram Raza Naqvi

  67. Asim

    salaam to every one
    I am running a cattle/ dairy farm. Due to extensive hot weather at Rahimyaarkhan ,Australian or Sahiwal breed cant survive here. Only cholistani breed survives but this breed give very less milk. Can any one suggest me any breed which can survive in hot,dry weather and can give better results. Regards,

  68. Please brief me all updates.

  69. Aurangzeb

    Hello everyone,
    what should be a good initial investment on dairy farm??
    I don’t have shortage of land, (some 1800 canal of agricultural land in south Punjab belongs to my family) but i want to put my own investment on envisioned dairy farm. Although, i have shortage of cash right now but i am earning good through my professional career, i am looking at around PKR 2.5 million of initial investment. is that enough, or should i wait till i manage more investment. Just need a very rough idea. Thanks in advance

  70. Muhammad Irfan

    dear sir,
    I want to start dairy farm in karachi. i need ur advise regarding investment and proper location for dairy farm

    • Najeeb

      I am trying to start a dairy farm in Karachi as well, lets share the research and work collaboratively.

  71. Colonel Aamir Rai

    Dairy farming is a bushiness which is very difficult and time consuming…main beneficiary are the milking companies. Dairy farmers must have their own organization to make a pressure group and get maximum benefit to the dairy farmers.

  72. Afaq Ahmed

    Friends AoA. I would like to start this cattel farming business. I have few queries and need some advice. What would be the best number of cows to start with. And is it more profitable to start with the business with cows or buffalows. What would be the price of a good Australian cow? Many thanks

    • Iffy


      Me and my friend living in U.K. starting new business (Dairy Farming) ASAP near Rawalpindi, We looking forward to more people who might help us or they need any financial support or any help please reply me

    • Naseer Ahmed

      Dear Iffy,
      I have a small dairy farm containing 2 Cows and 4 Buffaloes .
      Its working fine mean my animals are of very good breed and i have very good average of milk……….
      Now i want to extend my farm and need to buy more animals. I want some financial support if possible but not on interest on Islamic basis.

  73. yi sab paractically possibale nahi hay sarvant??????? App ko maza chakha dheen gay no no no dairy is not a bussinus no one should do this i have very very bad exprince d ont do this ever

    • Malik Mahmood Iqbal

      Aap un ko ZARA behter salary offer karte aur profit share karte to result diffrent hota

  74. it is not possible? Many people leave it dairy farm your sarvat app ko zaleel kar kay rakh deen gay difficult due to sarvants am i right?

  75. usman khan

    how should i contact you and want to meet you.


  76. shahid

    just found this article randomly from google,dairy farming is our family business and if any one want any kind of help than contact me through my email shahoo_dec9@yahoo.com …….

  77. Ahbar

    I wish to start the dairy farming, currently I am running an export knitted garment organization at Faisalabad. I am basically agricultural engineering graduate, and have own family agriculture land of 25 acres cultivated land at Guttwala near to city of Faisalabad. If any body can support me , pls. contact me either thru e-mail ahbar77@hotmail.com

  78. Arshad Paracha

    Asalam-wa-alaikum Momekh,

    I live in Karachi, & intend to (infact almost final & ready to go In 2~3 days), a dairy farm in Lahore, initial idea is to start with 25~30 milking cattles i.e, Buffaloes & Cows, farm will be situated at Thokar Niaz baig.

    It will be just a begining & if plans go right I’ll see a heard to 75~100 cattles in a year.

    Please guide me some points to take care initially not to jeoperdize the planning and get my target successfully.

    Please also advise me your cotnact number, as I’ll be in Lahore in next 3~4 days & i’ll be glad to pay you a visit at your farm (if possible)



    • Haseeb kamal

      Please contact with me or pls. Send me your mobile #
      My mobile # 0321-8482838

  79. Amir

    Hey it is wonderful blog, interesting i am from gilgit baltistan, i would like to start business means dairy forming, still confuse either it will work or not over there, any one can help me out, currently i am doing a job i Saudi Arabia…Thank you.

  80. AOA i need total guidance to start cattle farming. please anyone. i belong to rawalpindi.

  81. ahmed

    i want to purchase bichry ( 50 nos ) if any one can provide me in sialkot .. contact me on 03232021212

  82. MAM

    Hi, i wanna start a dairy farm tell me if you have any info that how run the farm and how can v maintain the farm and where v buy from good animals?

  83. nadir zuberi

    dear i have 25 acre agri land in Gharo and wants to start dairy farming, but i need finance for it. kindly guide me from where i could acquire a loan or grant from any institutiion and how.
    nadir zuberi

  84. Khalid

    This is an interesting piece.Thank you. I am interested in setting up a diary farm.i live in Karachi do not have any connections or infrastructure/ land in Punjab.
    What is the estimated financial outlay to start afresh including land and has anyone done economic feasibility. What is the best place to set up the farm.

  85. Sarmad

    Dear Momekh Bhai, your blog is very inspiring and after smeda feasibility report your blog is very incorrigible.after being a silent visitor for months I’m writing to get your help to start a successful dairy farm. I am considering to start dairy business in Jauharabad Dist. Khushab with capacity of 100 animals. I have around 75 acres of land there. what are the difficulties in selling milk. which milk plant companies collect milk from my area and for door collection what is the required quantity. Nurpur Milk plant is 45 km from my land. scope getting good animals and procedure to get milk plant company to bind them in contract to collect milk. what are the requirements of milk plant in quality of milk. what is the price per liter now a days a farmer get.

    detailed answer on selling milk will be helpful

    • AB

      As u plan to have a big setup, big companies like Nestle will be happy to get your milk from farm door. and u’ll also get better rates. They will pay you above 45 for that. u can also try to sell milk in the city, but thats a whole separate operation.
      However, the most important thing is average milk of animals you purchase and how long in lactation they keep giving good milk. So be very very careful about that, bcuz most farms fail just bcuz of this reason.
      Ahmad Bilal

  86. Ali Bhali

    Dear Aoa hope u will be fine.what wil happen of cows in stroming weather under this type of shed.how this low hight n light weight shed can prevent animals from extremely hot weather.Now a days people r thinking about controled environment sheds in dairy business also.

  87. Ali abbas

    AOA.my name is Ali Abbas.want to start this bussiness.i have read and heard all about it and planned to start.if anyone can help or suggest me the good company or people then i will prefer them.my location is jhang chiniot road. Contact info;0323-6726690.
    thank you.

    Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi.

  88. Asad Nawaz

    How to start this business in Chakwal (Near Balkassar Motorway). What type of cows are mostly recommended in this region.


    • Shahzad Malik

      Dear Asad, i also belongs to Chakwal you can ask any question about cattle farming on my mobile 0345-2102982

      Shahzad Malik

  89. Shahzad Malik

    Thanks for sending all detail recently i want Calf of 3 to 5 months old if any person knows then tell me.

    Shahzad Malik

    • Yasir Ali


      Hope you will be fine by the grace of Almighty Allah.
      I am Yasir, I have seen your query regarding the requirement of Calves. I am running a Meat Cattle Farm. I can provide you your required number of Calves at some good reasonable price. If interested please call me on 0333-5228401

  90. Khuram Shahzad

    no one is replying where r all friendz ? busy in ramdan…

  91. Khuram Shahzad

    Dear Momik & Bilal Ch.
    Doing fascinating work here
    & providing really useful info who is interested in this business like me. I
    am living in Karachi and fed up with the life of
    that killing city and planning to move back to my home city Sargodha. I would like to visit some good
    farm near Sargodha can u recommend some of them & if it’s not bothering you
    can I visit your farm and suggest me the animal should I purchase as the temp in summer is 40+ can HOLSTEIN & FRIESIAN survive
    in that hot weather and have any ideal which companies have milk collection center
    in sargodha.

  92. salaam i am making plane for dairy farm for long time i have land and some cows too and i am originlay a farmer need more info please let me know how to meet you my email ihsanmaher@gail.com

  93. hello brother i am curentlu in canada comming to pak in oct can i please please meet you there if yes how

  94. Imran Baig

    Sallam everyone,

    Brother Momekh keep up the good work buddy! I did purchase your e-Guide for dairy farming and it was to the point! Really enjoyed reading it. One thing I wanted to check with everyone here is that what is the “actual” cost of getting a cow pregnant using imported semen?

    I understand that it takes about 2.5 doses for the cow to get pregnant on avg each year,but how many straws does this require? and how may doses are needed and what is the complete cost per animal for using AI with exotic bull semen.



    • that is a very important, and often overlooked question, Imran. You’ve heard right… and each dose costed me approx 6000 so that’s almost 15000 per animal per lactation. And even then there are no guarantees. A lot depends on the technician and the health of the cow as well. I now try 3 times with heifers that have grown up on my farm and with all others, I try 2 times. That’s my current method. When all else fails, we use a bull and that is not a good thing for the farm. Unless of course you take the BEST solution and get your hands on a good bull!

      And yes, thank you for the appreciation of the eBook Imran πŸ™‚

  95. Shahzad

    Dear Momekh,

    Mashallah you are doing fine work really appreciate you for this.

    I have in Mind Some Question You or any one interested in given answer is highly obliged.

    Q1- In the areas where people normally used Buffalo milk what strategy you suggest for open a dairy firm start with 10 animals? ( Areas liks Rahim Yarkhan and Sadiqabad surroundings)

    Q2- Is there any Company near Above mention areas buying Milk (like Nestle) ?

    Q3- In your whole blog i search for the details of contract with the companies (Like Nestle) were not found. Could you or any one will provide the details of contract (like Contract qualification, Milk yielding minimum qty, Rate and etc)?

    Q4- Reference to my Q1 some people mix milk of Cow with buffalo milk .. is it a right thing? or if yes what is the ratio of mix ( like 4 buffalo with 1 cow milk)?

    I m waiting for your kind reply…May Allah bless you in your business.

    Kind Regards.

  96. *** Animals for sale at Eastern Farms ***
    We are selling a number of cows/buffalos from our existing herd. All the animals are in good health and have been taken care of since the beginning.
    A few of them have recently given birth & some will give birth within sometime.
    Anyone interested can contact us at our facebook page;

    Cell #: 0345-4266642

  97. I have put up a question at the DairyFarmer.co forums on how to buy good quality animals… readers of this blog are welcome to give their opinions.

    Click here to see How do you buy Good Quality Animals?

  98. Ghazanfar Ali

    Dear Momekh
    I found your blog very informative for those who are new and want to start new dairy form. I am also interested and want want some information. I found that in this field the people who are running farms are not cooperative, they do not share there information and their sources. I want to visit any farm which is cooperative and share some basic information about infrastructure of the farm.
    Is there any body included your farm.
    Please help me in this regard
    Ghazanfar Ali

  99. Gul

    Hi Momekh,
    I am currently doing a job. but now I am seriously thinking about starting a job initially from low level and dairy farm is my first choice. I am living in Gujrat. Please suggest me that will it be a good choice to start a dairy business while doing a full time job or not?

  100. Danial

    Salaam everyone.
    Its great to see so many eager and self motivated people here. I hope Inshallah everyone’s dreams become a success story.
    We, ( that is my wife and I ) have done our tour of duty in life and both amicably have came to the conclusion, that going back to the basics in country farming is deffinatly a path to peace.
    Having spent our entire lives in London, and obviously going into farming is like fish out of water, or even visiting Pakistan was another experience in itself. Brother Momekh done a splended job in relating and sharing his start up ( Inshallah he will succeed ).
    I think the momentious task is finding decent, honest people to work on the farm. We are Inshallah startng a goat, beef and dairy farm in Fetah Jang in December 2012 and you may correctly think we’re jumping into the deep end,but I think we should all do it! One small step for man and one giant leap for mankind!
    Thats not to say, one should refrain from aquiring knowledge and go in blind, but it does not matter how much one plans and re-plans, you will evedently stumble and make mistakes and learn. I say to all …. Say Bissmillah and start.
    Having visited various farms this year and witnessing some sights which I think it best not to elaborate any further, I would ask all to look after your animals as you would maintain yourself. Keep the enviroment clean like you would a mosque. And further, be honest as an angel and thats the formula for success, Allah will do all the planning for you!!
    Best of luck

    • Thank you Danial. Loved your thoughts.

      Would love to visit your farm when it’s ready for a cup of tea perhaps. πŸ™‚

      I wish you all the best.

      A lot of people join this blog thinking that we only talk about dairy farming. I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the idea behind a business, any business, is to support your life. Not the other way around. Be creatively self employed to live a wholesome life. πŸ™‚

      God bless and rock on broda! πŸ™‚

      • Danial

        Salaam to all the brothers and sisters.

        Momekh, just give me a call when your around Islamabad for that cup of tea, but make sure you bring some wellies with you! lol

        I think i managed to train my off -spring in the art of self sufficiency, and lo and behold! I’m a free man! (God knows how long this joyful freedom will last in Pakistan). Anyway, will be arriving in Pakistan Inshallah next week, so need plenty of your good dua’s.

        Yesterday, I called a friend in Islamabad to pick me up from the airport, and he was far more curious as to why i had purchased this agricultural land and whether i was intending to build my home in the wilderness. ( I think he was implying politely that i had actually gone insane ). So, I put his inquisitive mind at ease and said I intended to keep animals. After a moment of silence, he replied that in Pakistan there is nothing but animals and certainly i was on the right track! I only realized what he meant an hour later!lol

        By the way brother Momekh, that cowboy hat of yours is awesome, it really does credit you.

        See you soon Inshallah in good health. My dua’s and best wishes to everyone.

      • hahaha… the adventure continues!! πŸ™‚ thank you for the wishes…

    • Aamir Roy

      Brother Danial it is so heartening to know that people like you are coming back to Pakistan and considering it a good opportunity for your livelihood. Pakistan is a great country and has the potential to allow progress and prosperity to its inmates. Brother i have a small dairy farm of my own and am running it since a little less then 3 yrs. My only advice to you is to first own some piece of land for the guaranteed fodder for your animals for complete year and dont go for rented land. Start with Cows first and then goats, may be after few months when you get some experience of animals care you can enter in this venture.
      Wish you all the best.

    • Danial

      Salaam to everyone.
      Thank you Aamir Roy for being so sincere and for your time. Your words of wisdom have now been engraved!

      Actually a couple of deals in purchasing fodder land have unfortunately gone sour. Apparently, there’s some sought of blind gold rush in Fateh Jang’s agricultural land ( All connected to some new airport ), there’s people trying to sell land that does not even belong to them!
      On our existing land we have started water boring, so we need everyone’s strong dua’s for endless sweet water.
      This month we had a great harvest of corn on this particular land
      ( First time ever and even though still being here in London, it’s a wonderful feeling). I understand about 20% of it was stolen, its mind boggling and sad, but perhaps brother Momekh is right, the adventure continues! I ask Allah to keep me in the company of the rightous .
      Wishing you peace and harmony.

  101. salman

    what i would like to know is that what is the future of the dairy farming in pakistan?? is it getting too saturated and which would mean that in future the price of milk is likely to fall? or if it has the capacity to expand?

  102. shehzad

    A.A all of U guys,
    Doe,s the Momekh,s Dairy Farming Guide any use full, anybody bought it?
    And the last question to Momekh if the intro price coming back on the guide by any chance.
    I have not started my farm yet but just reading around the like minded peoples stories. W.A

    • I have approved this comment with hopes that we all will get some honest feedback for the Guide as well.

      The feedback I personally get is that the Guide has really benefited the buyer. But let’s see what comes here… πŸ™‚

    • Amna Tahir

      Hello Shehzad

      I am reading The Guide i plan to finish it this wk end, will put my feed back here. But uptill now i found it very interesting, encouraging, promising. It talks about different options to handle the situation of ” Initiating your dairy launch”. Normally you would find experts & seniors listing up all horrid issues and problems. Rarely would anyone share the options to handle. Mohammad is the only person, among many whom i met, who generously shared this info with us. Gur ki baat koi koi batata hai mere bhai.

      The benefits of this guide depends on your Perception.


    • shehzad

      Thank U Momekh for ur reply but my intro price question is still there…? Shukria again.
      Any idea on the cattle rearing (cows and buffaloes i.e NILI RAVI) and then selling off, rather than farming them for milk?… is it less hassle for the starter like myself, or is it the same?
      All comparisons (likes/differences) welcome.

  103. inam ullah

    salamz to all my friends

    I want to start dariy farm in kpk swabi . i hav 30 kanals of land but i dnt no how start this business bocz i hav no contacts in this field some one guide me plz . i want 2 buy 8

  104. Ghulam Shabir Abbasi

    Hi all friends ,
    Excellent communication via momek and help full for dairy farmers…..

    Well done ………….

  105. waqar Yousafzai

    hello momekh bahi, bilal ch and everyone around. I m waqar from peshawar…before i started a dairy farm i use to visit this blog on and off but then i struck in the tough activities of my farm and cudnt able to follow the blog and share my experience …

    the idea of starting a dairy farm was generated dramatically by one one my friend who was in search for one drop of pure milk heheh :P…. now by the grace of god i have 25 animals and the number is still growing on with my further investment and profit from animals on fields..i have started from 13 animals and with ZERO exp back in december 2011…i dnt own any agri land and got a farm on rent…it doesn’t sound profitable at the beginning and i thought i may loose my invesntmrnt but then ( my gawala said to me one day..aik admi aik carore haar gaya and aik admi dil har gaya ) i didnt loose hope and carried on….

    Momekh bahi and bilal bhai after biting by many sellers ( as u must know their nature of working and standards ) my mind clicked to approach you for guidance and helping me out in buy animals…i have a plan to buy some more animals in july…soooooooooo m looking forward to u guys and hope for the best….

    Urban Dairies πŸ™‚

  106. ali

    aoa sir i m from lahore i want to get the knowledge of something actually i ve an investment of 15000 to 20000 and i want k mein koi calf ly ky hissay py dy dn…can u guide me?
    coz i want to start my hobby as well as business

  107. Muhammad Irshad

    Dear Sir,

    I want to buy a colling fans for my dairy farms , can someone send me the contactat details of the colloing co.

  108. Mubsher Hassan

    Dear Sir,
    Me intend to build a new dairy farm in which the prime focus is to build a shed for cows. We have the required land under our own ownership & also have 3 Lakhs to build the same; however, we need the money to purchase cows. We have decided that whoever will purchase for us 20 Australian cows, we’ll repay him the lump sum within two years on monthly installments of 50,000 & will also make him our 50% partner in our farm business.We’ll look after the farm ourselves. Whoever will get us 20 cows bought, we’ll give him a cheque as a testimony ,equal to the cost spent on cows’ purchase. We’ll also write an agreement affidevit stating the 50% partnership of the one giving us loan since we dont want to get interest based loans from banks. We believe in pure business, free of any interest on loans that may spoil our good deeds. If any further agreement or proof is required in this regard,we are ready to serve for the same. We live in district Gujranwala village ‘Nounikey’ where our property is located & we desire to build our farm there. Pls advise us further in this regard. Looking forward for your swift response.

    Regards ,

    Gujranwala Pakistan

  109. Aamir Roy

    Dear brother,

    I believe that the idea of having a Dairy oriented magazine is brilliant. This way we can see each others farms / animals pics and clips thus can get correct information and advice as well. Plz do consider this.

  110. Muhammad Sharoon

    heloo Dr.Saeed / Momekh

    i am from lahore and im planning to start with a cattle farm.i have 14kanals of land near baedian road lahore.i want some true suggestions from regrading starting cattle farming as i am very much intretsed and this is my passion from a long time.
    first question is tht whther i should buy australian cows or local shaiwal cows,secondly how to design a cattle farmso that this hot weather cannot affect our animal.
    ill be very thankful to you if u guide me with this..ive been researching alot till now and im unable to come up with many things.wants some true suggestions

  111. Malik Muhammad Imran

    AOA to All,(Mohkam, Dr Saeed)
    I am a silent reader of this forum. Althoguh ths forum is very informatice and helpfull but there are some things i would like to draw your attention.if you can work on it it will save a lot of time and unnecessary queuries.
    1- If possible, all members having their own farms , should upload their farm videos for better understanding of newcommers.
    2- Many brothers are asking same questions again and again like sugesstions to start a business, breed etc.. so i think if you can make some sub-sections in your blog w.r.t topic will help lot in time savings.
    3- most important i can see only 1/2 names of organisations dealing with dairy like altaf & co etc, if possible please start a magazene, either monthly or after 2 or 3 month containing some detailed information will be a good thing, and for the start i think only soft form will be ok rather than paper format.
    my be i am asking too much in short time but if we all make some good sugesstions the result will be good.
    Looking forward for the sucess of all brothers.
    Long live Pakistan

  112. haroon asghar

    salam dr saeed ,sir i want to know that i have started a dairy farm and i have dedicated 12 acre land for this that is very fertile and have great water availibilty .my question to you is is salage good for cows all round year or it will b given at the time of shortage of fooder,i can grow 2 crops of corn on 12 acres twice a year which makes it 24 acres of corn in a year but some one told me thats not fair with your animals as its not green fooder,and suggested to harvest on crop of corn for silage and rest on green fooder mix silage with green fooder.and my second question is how many animals i can keep having dedicated 12 acres of land for it thanks in advance would really appreciate an anser

  113. Nasr choudhry

    it is so pleasent to know that Pakistan has all the
    youth who want to do , good for fellow pakistanies. im realy
    inpressed by the study , and the research you guys have done .
    i have been visting farms , in usa, no doubt jersey cows are the best
    for weather we have in pakistan , but if some one can get cross breed
    holstine+jersey that will be the best cow for farming , in pakistn,
    Good luck

    • muhammad javed iqbal

      pls can you help from where could we get these cross (holsten + jersey)
      do you know any local pakistan source to get this.

  114. ASIF

    aoa dear all
    i have started my farm but from the 1st day i was bit by the Foot and mouth disease in my farm even on the 2nd day i started vaccination but it almost effect my 4 cow and one clave so any body help me in this regard what should i do further i started treatment but still the risk is high.

    • Only precaution,This prob.used to come in summers only.Now year round.Make sure you have strict quarantine rules at your farm.Also sheep and goats are carriers.

  115. naveed

    Dear Friends,

    I have some animals forsale first lactations near about 5 animals

    Best Regards,

    • ali

      wat animals do u have for sale send me the price and wat kind of animal it is

  116. farhan

    For silage storage in three walled bunkers can we use sheds which are shell type 33’x66′ height almost 12′ and floor is of concrete?

    your comment awaited,



    • dr saeed

      salam dear farhan, for silage making we need complete pressing of fodder being ussed for silage to remove all air from it to maximize the fermentation process, if you make the roof it will hinder the pressing process which is to be done with tractor. and after complete pressing we need air tight covering of silage which again hinder by rooof, and its not ecnomical ,

  117. imran

    hey everybody,
    well um really suprised to see that so many people are intrested in the same business, well i did a lot of research recently on many bussinesses and where to invest and this was only One thing where it just keeps getting better, i have more then 15 kanals of land near raawalpindi, and inshahAllah this december im starting my own farm,, this page was very useful and i look fwd for more ideas and suggestuions, thank you guys

    • dr saeed

      thanks it,s pleasure, if you need any suggestion you can contact
      dr saeed

  118. Zahid Raza Ch.

    Dear all
    Thanks for very useful information.
    I’m from Gujrat, and my village Sabowal is very near to city. I want to start a dairy farm and I’m unable to decide which animal I prefer cow or buffalo, because buffalo milk is easy to sale and almost at Rs 60 per Kg, cow milk is not more Rs 45 per Kg and not easy to sale.
    Can anybody give me the comparison of Cow Vs buffalo dairy form
    Thanks in advance

    Zahid Raza Ch.

    • dr saeed

      cow is more ecnomical than buffalo regarding production, and feedind cost
      dr saeed

    • simply workout per ltr.cost and dry period for buffs and cows.
      Have seen v.good buff farms with two third animals dry.and seen good cow farms with one third dry animals.Buff ave 8,9ltrs and cow[local]16 to 17ltrs ave per animal.

    • Zahid Raza Ch.

      thanks dr saeed sb. and Naeem Malik for your kind information and specially momekh to provide us this informative environment. and really love the sincere comment of Bilal Ch.(I thing Mr. Bilal is on leave )

  119. ASIF

    Aoa Dear all
    after the salient reading of this bolg i have started my farm in District charsadda alhamdu lelahh i have purchased 5 cows and searching for more 10 cows.
    by grace of GOD i complete my shade for 25 animal with following all the standards of Dr.Ashraf and some good teachers as i learn from MOMEKH ideas. i think this experience will lead me to a successful dairy farming professional.
    now i only need the proper techniques for the silage making and storing plz.

  120. Talal

    Hey Momekh,
    A really informative piece put forward by you,dear. I am from Karachi and want to establish a dairy farm in Gujranwala on our agricultural land. I would like you to suggest me the consultants and experts who can guide me on this and indicate possible financial cost. With the basic infrastructure, land and fodder available, I would like to invest on animals, storage, processing of fodder, waste removal and sterilization. However, the thing is I am planning to delve completely in the business and leave a good job; which means the risk is high so, need a very accurate guidance. Kindly, guide me with this.

    • Mubsher Hassan

      Me intend to build a new dairy farm in which the prime focus is to build a shed for cows. We have the required land under our own ownership & also have 3 Lakhs to build the same; however, we need the money to purchase cows. We have decided that whoever will purchase for us 20 Australian cows, we’ll repay him the lump sum within two years on monthly installments of 50,000 & will also make him our 50% partner in our farm business.We’ll look after the farm ourselves. Whoever will get us 20 cows bought, we’ll give him a cheque as a testimony ,equal to the cost spent on cows’ purchase. We’ll also write an agreement affidevit stating the 50% partnership of the one giving us loan since we dont want to get interest based loans from banks. We believe in pure business, free of any interest on loans that may spoil our good deeds. If any further agreement or proof is required in this regard,we are ready to serve for the same. We live in district Gujranwala village ‘Nounikey’ where our property is located & we desire to build our farm there. Pls advise us further in this regard. Looking forward for your swift response.

      Regards ,

      Mubsher Hassan
      Gujranwala Pakistan

    • Sarmad

      Talal Bhai have you started the farm or still thinking. same situation with me I am from karachi and planning to make a dairy farm in shahpur near sargodha. are there milk plants companies so i can do some kind of contract with them for milk selling security and buying 50 animals is an easy task or can make me crazy finding right animals.I have around 100 acres in jauharabad Dist khushab can that be used to make a 100 animal farm. where can be great quantity milk sold.

      answers will be helpful

  121. Fakher Khan

    Any one on this forum having experience of the sexed semen from Altaf & Co. or Profarm to get the heifer calves? and how successful it is.

    • quite successful,however a friend used 40,doses and got 8,male calves

    • Shiraz Nazir

      I have the experience of sexed semen that was experimented at my farm by a private Vet Doctor. At the time of AI, the doctor said that the result will be 90%, it means more chances of getting a female calf. Luckily it went successful and we got a female calf last month.

  122. Jabbar mahmood

    Salaam Bilal ch,
    are you runing a dairy farm, if yes which part of punjab because I would like to visit a practical/ operationaly runing farm around rawalpindi.

  123. ashfaq

    asalams I want to start this business. My question is that imported austrailian cows are good or locall? please some one answer me or any contact number am confuse. and from where I can buy imported cows.

    • DR Naveed

      dear your question was so simple i think u r joking with people austrailia breeds are best but they are much sensitive in summer there fore there handling is difficult and these are profit able its ur choice which one u keep but local breeds are best for small busness if u keep local breed then i advice u keep buffaloes

  124. Ali

    Dear Bilal Ch.
    I want to start a dairy farm where can i get more information on dairy farming in PAKISTAN? and which city is suitable for the dairy farm? and is there enough demand of milk so i can sell the milk just after getting from a cow? if yes how? i m interested to have a farm in Karachi or Khairpur, is there any milk processing company that can buy the milk near these cities of Sindh? please send me a mail on my personal mail shafqatali37@yahoo.com so i can get your advise through mail. Momekh Edit: Please use the comments here as the answer to this question will benefit a lot of people as well! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Bilal Ch.

      Dear Ali! A dairy farm should be established at a place with good availability of green fodder & drinking water, and climate may better not be too extreme. Preferably it shud be close to a big city and have good road access so that u can get a better price for ur product.
      As for milk,find which milk packaging companies have collection network in ur area.I believe Engro has collection in Sindh besides others.Companies lift milk from ur doorstep depending upon milk volume.
      Bilal Ch

  125. Muhammad Shahid

    Dear All and Especially Momekh
    Asslamo Alaykum

    Very much impressed by the site and members comments and help. I am Shahid doing job and earning good halaal living Alhamdu Lillah. I belong to a small farming family. One of my brother (graduate in Economics) wanted to do dairy farming. About 10 years ago I managed to built a shed for him and purchased 4 holistein frasian cows from a farm in Islamabad and also a certified bull. All this investment was lost as my brother could not mange the farm and because at that time such a professional and devoted forum like this was not known to me. The bull got infected and later on was slaughtered. However the offspring of that bull were sold on exceptionally high rates. In our area only cross breed can survive. This is my personal point of view because of extreme temperatures in winter and summer.
    I still think that its a service to community if the breeds of the area could be improved. I am impressed by the way you are sharing your experiences and information and Insha Allah one day I will need your help in re-establishing my farm. Dairy farming has got the potential to self employ the people and to provide good milk to the community.


    Muhammad Shahid

    • Bilal Ch.

      Dear Shahid! Lucky for us, we dont need to rely on Bulls anymore. Very high quality semen of extra ordinary foreign Bulls is available for Artificial Insemination in Pakistan thru various companies.
      Bilal Ch.

    • Dear Muhammad Shahid,

      Could you tell me your exact location of living bcz i am 2 interested in cattle farming.

      Shahzad Malik

  126. Jabbar mahmood

    Aslaam alaikam to all, I am looking bit of information if anybody can tell methat where is collection company or pasturising plant around Rawalpindi or islamabad

  127. maliha malik

    Hello everyone,
    I realy find this site useful, we moved to pk recently and trying to set up some thing. My husband is from abroad but I am from here I have got good knowledge of oprations of dairy farm business. Please can someone tell me where and how to supply because u cant go door to door for that. We are in rawalpindi area. Also I have notice in pk eople do not appriciate cow milk, then type of rate is going for bulk cow milk. Please help me

    • Bilal Ch.

      Nestle has a great collection in Punjab, besides smaller Milk packaging companies have collection setups in one area or the other…all u have to do is look.
      Secondly,its the milk production that is the hard part. If u make a dairy production setup around Rawalpindi/Islamabad, it shudnt be that much of a problem bulk-selling your milk to outlets. And yes, cow milk is not yet very sellable to domestic consumers in open form, however people happily buy packaged milk which almost always comprises cow milk.
      Bilal Ch.

    • Kindly contact my mobile 0345-2102982

  128. haroon asghar

    haroon asghar says:
    March 31, 2012 at 7:39 pm
    salam dr saeed ,sir i want to know that i have started a dairy farm and i have dedicated 12 acre land for this that is very fertile and have great water availibilty .my question to you is is salage good for cows all round year or it will b given at the time of shortage of fooder,i can grow 2 crops of corn on 12 acres twice a year which makes it 24 acres of corn in a year but some one told me thats not fair with your animals as its not green fooder,and suggested to harvest on crop of corn for silage and rest on green fooder mix silage with green fooder.and my second question is how many animals i can keep having dedicated 12 acres of land for it thanks in advance

  129. I m trying to gather information for dairy business. It is not easy business but my aim is do some thing in this business. I am living in London. My life is very different here. But now I need change. Any one help me thanks

    • Jabbar mahmood

      Hello amir,
      Where about would like to start dairy farm in pakistan

  130. I want to start Dairy farming business in professional way, I need suggestion.
    1. Location (temp control and cost effective land with easy access to Medicine and hospital).

  131. salaam every one………i belong to sahiwal…….i want to start cows dairyfarming…….pleaz help me……wht is the price of a good cow which gives atleast 20 litter milk per day………pleaz reply….

    • dr saeed

      dear for 20 ltr per day milk you have to purchase fresion or jersey cattle its price is about 2.5 to 3 lakh

    • naveed

      Dear USman,

      20 litre cow is nearly 200,000 rupees if she has heifer (Female calve) then price is 250,000 rs

      good luck
      naveed adham

  132. Irfan Waheed

    Assalamo alaikum,

    Does anyone have experience dealing with consulting firms (like Solve Agri Pak). They claim that they offer comprehensive consultancies to people interested in starting dairy farms.

    What are the pros and cons of going through them ?

  133. Mohammad Elyas

    Dear Sir

    Thanks for all very useful information.

    Any one can tell me, the enviroment for cow farming. I mean we are living in a place which in summer is around 45C temprature and during winter it snows.

    IS it a good enviroment for farming???? many people says NO it is not, the cows which are imported from Pakistan, they will die or sick during winter and you will loose asset.

    one more question? do you suggest a farming only to keep cows and to sell it to butcher people for meat????


    Waiting to hear from experts……….

  134. Dr Saad ullah Khan.


    Boss, may God bless you for opening up this blog. I desperately want to start up live stock as business and for this I need one to one guidance / advise to under take the project.
    I hail from Mianwali and have some land to spare for the job. Can you please guide me about :-
    a.The type of animals one should keep and their reliable procurement source?
    b.Their feeding and watering arrangements as well as practical health conservation tips before bring in the animals.
    c. A sketch / layout plan for such a farm for brain storming and bringing the general idea home.


    Yours sincerely

    Saad Ullah Khan

    • Bilal Ch.

      Hello Dr!
      Here r the answers to your questions
      a) You shud keep cross breed LOCAL X FRESIAN/JERSEY as they offer best combination of heat & disease protection and milk
      b) Make silage/green fodder for next 6 months and make sure fresh water is available all the time
      c) Visit as many farms as possible and figure out which design suits ur environment the best
      Plz due extremely thorough research before you start, as if ur life depends on it…otherwise its very hard to succeed in Dairy business as its quite complicated and managment intensive.

      -Bilal Ch

  135. dr saeed

    ok sir,

    • haroon asghar

      salam dr saeed ,sir i want to know that i have started a dairy farm and i have dedicated 12 acre land for this that is very fertile and have great water availibilty .my question to you is is salage good for cows all round year or it will b given at the time of shortage of fooder,i can grow 2 crops of corn on 12 acres twice a year which makes it 24 acres of corn in a year but some one told me thats not fair with your animals as its not green fooder,and suggested to harvest on crop of corn for silage and rest on green fooder mix silage with green fooder.and my second question is how many animals i can keep having dedicated 12 acres of land for it thanks in advance

  136. dr saeed

    salam all of you, i am sory for being absence for couple of days due some personal problems.
    i am wih you know
    dr saeed

    • Hey doctor saab. Hope all’s well?

      Glad that you are back, your expertise were missed πŸ™‚ …

      Hoping to see you on the meetup too inshAllah ! (31st March – 4:30 PM at Garrison Golf Club)!! πŸ™‚

  137. Mohammad Elyas

    Dear Sir

    It was very very useful information. I want to start this business in Afghanistan. Could you please get in touch with me in my private email that where to buy some high quality cows in pakistan and bring them to Afghanistan?

    I would be gratefull.


    • Bilal Ch.

      Dear Elyas!
      I believe Sargodha region in particular and punjab province in general are good places to procure cross-breed cows.

      -Bilal Ch

  138. Omar

    I did a simple calculation as below for a dairy farm only.
    Land owned
    Structure and building one time cost.
    Silage cost Rs 5k * 10(cows) * 25 (kg per cow) * 30 (days) = 37,500
    2 Workers cost pm approx Rs 35,000
    Vet visit cost pm approx Rs 5,000
    Utilities cost pm Rs 30,000
    total cost per month . 107,500
    revenue 20 (kg per cow) * 10 (cows) * 30 (days) * Rs 40 (per Kg) = Rs 240,000
    Profit approx for 10 cows: Rs 133,000

    Does this seem approximately ok ?

    P.S. I would like to meet you and discuss this. Please let me know your contact at oklodhi@yahoo.com

    • Bilal Ch.

      My friend I dont want to discourage u, but your calculations are very raw at best. Plz do a lot lot lot more research online and in the field before even thinking of starting a business as complicated as Dairy. Otherwise u will fall flat on face and break ur (financial) nose very badly. I hope u dont take my words to heart, cuz I just wanna advice u as best as possible.
      -Bilal Ch.

    • Omar

      Thank you for your viewpoint. What do you suggest I start with to get more information?

    • CH.Mazhar Iqbal Gujjar

      this is a good & outstanding business as well as hobby,intrust for a farmer..
      Mr.OMAR’s calculation is absolutely correct. this is very profitable& reasonable work in forming field..

    • sarmad

      brother add the expense of feed. caws eat also.

  139. Omar

    I found your website on google and I must say it is very informative.
    there are certain queries I have in this regard.
    What is the price of silage per kg available in the market ?
    What salary do you pay to the attendents / workers on the dairy farm?
    How many cows should you have to get profit from the dairy farm? assuming the land is owned by you.


    • Thank you for your appreciation Omar.

      I have never bought from the market, so have no idea… but the cost WILL vary significantly from area to area.

      I pay between 4k to 10k. I do not have a qualified Vet on my payroll yet! I pay the vet about 1500 to 2000 depending on his visits (and his moods!! πŸ™‚ )

      The number of cows really is something you have to calculate yourself. If, for example, you have a running concern of farming, then bringing in even one cow will actually be profitable! (There will be no overheads and every animals comes with its own profit margins πŸ™‚ )

      Hope this helps.

  140. Rizwan sahi

    Assalam-o-alaikum,,,Bilal chaudhry am rizwan sahi from ireland am planing to move pakistan and start a dairy business in pakistan,,am from mandi baha-ud-din in pakistan i belong,s to a agricultre family but i would like to conceede this at first here that i realy have not much experince so that,s why plzzz help me,,, so here i need some help and information from you or any body who can provide me a information for am looking.so sir first of all i need to know if i start a dairy farm with 12 cow,s how much i,ll get profit in a month after the whole expen,s and remember we have our own 5 to 6 acre land,s in mandi baha-ud-din{GUJRAT} area,b,cuz if you clculate roghly milk quantity by 12 cow,s it,s around 240kg milk a day,,,b,cuz as far as i know soem cow,s milk average is 20kg a day,,,and if you multiple 20kg milk by 12 it,s equal to 240kg milk per day and after to multiple this 240kg milk by 60 rupees it,s comes out a 14400 rupees a day,,,now would you plzzz tell me after to take out the whole expend like wanda,,plus employes salary and the whole expends how much profit i,ll get in a month,,,and here is my email id rizwansahi786@yahoo.com..and i would be realy greatful to you can give me your any contact number,,,
    thank you realy very much

    • This is a comment for you Rizwan, left by one of our readers Ahsan Bashir:

      Dear Rizwan;Not that simple to have profitable Dairy Business in pakistan if you maintain quality and let the people have quality milk.There are so many hidden costs such as medicines for animals ,there prices fluctuation.Your capital regain .Since i had Dairy some times back and initially had profitable venture turned to be disaster because of my workers who went greedy and today the farm is closed.Shall start it soon with alot of changes made..

      Still i can give you detail run and feasibility on the amount you want to invest ,but get me some more details regarding land ,labour quality,technical institute availability ,mandi near by, general cost of cow in second lactation milking not less than 12-17 kg a day.

    • Bilal Ch.

      Dear Rizwan!
      Sorry for taking that long to reply to u, just didnt visit this blog for long. My best advice to you is to please research alot on book and in the field before any such venture. Dairy is extremely complicated and management intensive business. “Devil is in the detail”, and in dairy no amount of detail is enough. ur calculation of 20ltr milk / cow is very simplisitc and far from ground reality. Cuz on average a cross breed cow gives peak milk between 15-17 ltr and then keeps declining after 3rd month. Then there r sickness and fertility factors to consider. So in reality if ur cows average 12 ltr of milk over 10 months lactation, even that isn’t so bad.
      A business based on cross breed cows should earn 3000-4000 per month per cow in my humble estimates.
      Bilal Ch.

  141. Umar

    I want to setup small domestic level dairy farm of 10 animals, so need to get detailed information and consultancy from Nestle Agri services department.
    Could anybody send contact details of Nestle representative. My email is umar.shafique@hotmail.com

  142. Ahmad


    I am planing to import 100 heads Australian cows for milk, any one can help me to send me complete feasibility for this project.


    It will be very helpfull for me.

  143. Raihan

    Any one?, Please read and answer my questions above kindly ^^^

  144. Usama Ahmad

    I have a feasibility report of a controlled dairy farm>. If any one is interested, Please write me at usamaahmad@hotmail.com I ll be happy to send the material to you people …. God Bless all

  145. choudhry haroon

    @bilal ch, my name is choudhry haroon from sargodha ,can u drop ur cell number at haroon.othhi@gmail.com…that i l b nice of u gotta talk about few thiings dont worry i am not the bothering type

  146. Zuhair

    Can anyone help me as i am at the stage of building the sheds and need advice and ideas. I would appriciate if some one is willing to talk to me on the phone and provude his kind guidance.

    • Usama Ahmad

      Brother I have a purpose build dairy farm map for 50 cows. If you are interested Just let me know. I can share it with you. mail me at Usamaahmad@hotmail.com. I have just started this business and would like to share ideas and experience with you.

  147. zuhair ali

    Great read. I could use your help and advice. Please share your number with me so I may contact you. Will be obliged.

  148. Zubair Hassan

    Dear Abbas

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information regarding Nestle and the financing arrangements. I totally agree with you on the bank loans work through Nestle. Albeit I am not considering any bank loans due to being non-sharia compliant in nature, but the 1million Nestle loan has caught my attention. Are there any per-requisites and condition on this sort of interest free loan? and more so whats the payback arrangement?
    Highly appreciate it.


  149. Bilal Ch.

    Thank u Momekh, Zubair, Zohaib and Naeem for appreciating my little contributions. We small farmers/enterpreneurs/businessmen dont have as many resources as many giants who have entered this field, but what we can have is innovation & sharing of knowledge which can close the gap between us & those big guns. Small dairy farms are SMEs (Small & Medium sized enterprises) & its the SMEs who are real engine for any country’s economy. So by helping each other, we are not just improving each others financially but also helping economy of this country. So plz keep sharing without inhibitions, specially the ones who are actually in the field.
    Bilal Ch.

  150. Abdul Ahad

    Asalam o alakum

    I really appreciate the effort of the author and other people who brought their valuable experience for the novices like me out there… πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work gentlemen…

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