Internet Marketing: Earning My First 1,000 US Dollars

Like any scientist will testify, everything starts with an experiment. And it is my understanding that all experiments start because of the single most undervalued attribute of human nature; curiosity.

I started the experiment of earning money from online means (affiliate marketing to be exact) to see what happens, and to integrate my interests of graphic designing, dealing with interesting people and knowing stuff.

I couldn’t bring myself to just set a target of ‘this much money’ as money itself should not be given an intrinsic value. I wanted to just earn enough to do something.

So I planned on traveling to anywhere in the world for a two to three weeks holiday, all paid for through my online earnings.

earning with clickbank pakistan

I calculated that I would need around 1,500 US Dollars to travel to any one destination, anywhere in the world. I set my self a target of 12 months to do that, as part of my– ahem – SAS system. I achieved the target of 1,000 dollars around the start of the 8th month.

The Exact System I Used

I set up affiliate blogs to earn my first 1,000 dollars.

Affiliate marketing essentially means that you get sign up as an affiliate to a product, so that if you manage to sell that product, you get a commission. It is not surprise that the business model that works offline is the one that works online.

The strategy behind this is that people are searching for product names, to read different reviews etc before making the decision to purchase that product. That is where you come in. You make a site based on a product that people are searching for, write a helpful review or offer a bonus if people buy through you, and then try to get your site on the first page of Google whenever someone searches for that product name. You do not spend anything on advertising, just do some hard work to get the site ranking on the first page. This becomes easier because you are targeting a very specific keyword.

From a tactical point of view, here’s a step by step breakdown of what I did:

  1. Market Research: Using some very specific techniques, I found an affiliate product (from Clickbank) to promote. The product was chosen based on its Product Name, and as any decent affiliate marketer will tell you, this is the PNK (Product Name Keyword) method of setting up an affiliate site.
  2. I registered a new domain name based on the PNK. So if the product I chose is called “ABC Product”, I registered a domain called “”. In my case I did not get the “.com”, so I chose the next best thing, a “.net” domain.
  3. I installed WordPress on to the domain’s hosting (I run a boutique hosting company, so that was not a problem). Then I wrote a total of three articles on the site.
    1. Out of the three, two were based on ‘related keywords’ of the PNK.
    2. The third article was a review of the product itself
  4. As I had not bought the product, I tried to write the review as more of a ‘research article’.
  5. Affiliate Site’s SEO: This was important, and surprisingly straight forward. Using some very specific methods, I spent a total of one hour to submit the new site to different sites to get as many backlinks as possible. My primary keyword was “ABC Product Review” so I made sure that the anchor text of the links was the primary keyword.
  6. I then waited. I had to wait a total of three days to get my first commission of about 25 US dollars.
  7. I then made three more websites/affilaite-blogs using similar methods, and pretty much all of the income has come from these four sites.

That’s pretty much it.

I do not rank on the first page for three of the websites. Still, I make a few sales per week from those three websites, Alhumdulillah. I know if I work a bit more to get those sites onto the first page of Google, and provide valuable, high-quality content, I will earn a lot more.

1,000 dollars? That’s It?

Some people have actually told me that 1,000 dollars is just too little an amount, and that I should know better. They are right that it is not something you can live off of, and the potential of earning online is humongous so a 1,000 dollars is really a waste of time. But here is the good news: I never planned to live off of it. A lot of people are living off of it and are making a killing, for example, my good online acquaintance and teacher Pat Flynn whose last month gross income exceeded 30,000 US Dollars.

While setting up a dairy farm, upgrading existing projects, designing and writing, I had managed to learn a completely new skill of making money online. And have earned enough to travel to anywhere in the world while learning it Alhumdulillah (The real world’s where the school’s at).

I want to assure you, the potential of earning thousands of dollars per day is very much a doable target. It took me more than half-a-year to earn what some people are earning per day.

But that’s not the point.

Now I have set another target for my online earnings, and it is a lot bigger than a 1,000 dollars. About Forty Times bigger. Again, that’s not the point.

The point is that once you start something, once you become a starta, things start happening, Alhumdulillah.

This is something that you too can do pretty-much in your free time, and earn your next vacation from it. Or your next whatever you want to buy. Or quit your job and make a full-fledge living off of it.

The hardest step is the first one. I have already taken that. Have you?

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  1. how can i earn money on my facebook page ?? can you give some suggestion plz

  2. This is very nice guide. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think 1000 dollars are very hard to earn.Its not so easy as you mentioned

  4. Mian Naeem

    I m young & MBA qualified from Islamabad Pakistan. I want to earn money. Please anyone help me that what I do for earning? How can I start my online work? What is method of payment? How can I earn Maximum? My email: . Pleae held me. Best regards. Mian Naeem, Islamabad (Pakistan)

    • You can start by COMMITTING to try! InshAllah, the decision to act is powerful.
      Have you read the 15 ways you can earn money?
      Also, I have a Workshop coming up in Lahore and Islamabad, you can check it out here:

  5. karol

    Hey Momekh!
    I have read your book and I must say it gives a great deal of motivation in simple words. Thank you for that!
    I started applying the market research techniques you have included there. Just have one question though: on the bottom of page 15 you are giving substantially different numbers than on page 23. The methods to get those numbers are slightly different as well. Can you clear that out, which one is closer to the right one?

    • Hey thanks Karol!
      The numbers are a bit confusing because of the way they are written. That purely my fault.
      But it’s a “happy accident” in the sense that both approaches can work, depending on your niche.
      But I will re-visit the eBook soon, update it and re-release it here, God willing. I have not done affiliate marketing for a few months now, this will give me a reason to look it up again!

  6. irsa khan

    Get advantage of your spare time and spend 2-3 hours on
    internet and get mOney By eAsy Marketing

    β€œThe key to success is now in your hand”.

    For info visit this blog

  7. Well done my man for sharing this tips for free. I can imagine how some other people who charge for this would be feeling. More useful posts like these are needed by starters to making money online

  8. Hamza Khan

    I have found 2 Web Hosting And Domain Services

    In web4africa i can get Bronze Plan which is the cheapest it have unlimited domains, 5gb data space, 50gb bandwidth, unlimited mysql with 1 year domain and the overall cost is 40$ with domain and hosting
    In xtraorbic i can get unlimited domains, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mysql and as you know price is high then the features are high also and the overall with webhosting and domain cost is 70$ with discount for buying with moneybooker

    So please check these both sites and tell me which one to go with
    Web4africa is very cheap because of disk space and bandwidth but i think for affiliate site that is more then enough
    And the rest You decide for me πŸ™‚

    • I have also answered this question over at the blog’s FB page, Hamza.

      To summarize, it is better to keep the following in one’s mind when selecting a hosting provider:

      • A hosting service is only as good as their customer service. How responsive are they? The web space itself is a commodity now, and when things go wrong (like they eventually do), will the hosting provider give you the required level of customer service?
      • When a hosting provider says ‘as low as 3.99 per month’ etc, it means that you will have to pay for something like 3 years in advance to get that rate! So you will end up paying almost $144 upfront! A lot of people new to this get confused here, and the hosting providers do not clarify this till the time you have to actually pay!
      • To see if a web host is good enough, try to read a few reviews, ask a few friends online etc, to get an idea about the host. Although these reviews are not 100% accurate – as different people can have totally different experiences – but it helps filter out the long list of hosting providers.

      I wish you all the best … God bless!

  9. Hamza Khan

    I have just downloaded your ebook and i will read it
    but the question is
    How much money i have to invest like
    Domain and hosting and i know that sometimes methods fails and fails but inlast there is a success so in this whole system how much money i will need ?

    • The costs involved are for the domain and hosting.

      For example, if you take Hostgator hosting, you would not need any further hosting as all your affiliate sites can be hosted under that one account! I use and recommend Hostgator (see the Resources page for more details).

      Then simply add 10 to 15 dollars per year per domain/affiliate site.

      So, for example, if you have two affiliate sites, then the costs spread over a year will be around:

      • Around $96 for one year hosting via Hostgator’s Baby Plan
      • And between $20 to $30 per year for the two domains – you can also buy those domains through Hostgator. (I use Enom by the way, as I am reseller there).

      So, yearly cost would come to a maximum of about $130. And if you follow the steps in the “The First 1000” eBook, you should make 10 times more than that.
      Yes, I said TEN TIMES more. God willing πŸ™‚

      Good luck. And do tell me how it goes!

  10. I keep getting a lot of questions regarding Clickbank and whether you can get payment from Clickbank in Pakistan (many of the people who have downloaded the eBook are from Pakistan). I have now updated the landing page of the eBook to show me with the check I received from Clickbank.

  11. Awesome post, Momekh. I found your blog through your eBook, which I of course found through the SPI blog. πŸ™‚

    I have to tell you, of all the “mini products” I downloaded from Pat’s roundup post, yours has been the best so far. Also, the fact that it’s 72 pages of actual content (rather than just teaser material and a sales pitch) is pretty amazing. I think you just bumped someone else’s RSS feed off of my bookmarks toolbar to make way for yours!

    • So glad that you liked it, Cory.

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to comment about this… it does help!

      Here’s hoping that my writing keep helping people out! Thanks man…

  12. Hunmble

    I want my cut in the current target…….
    Reading this gave me an idea…. will discuss that with you in person……..need to know if its workable or not……
    But good going…. and Congrats…..

  13. anwar

    i try for many years but i cant to make money online plz help me out for that purpose i a m waiting for your reply

    • Yes Anwar, it can be frustrating, I totally agree with you.
      That’s why I have written an ebook. In that ebook, you will find a clearly defined ‘things to do’ that have worked for me in the past. I hope that will help. You can download that ebook onto your computer and read and implement it at your own pace. The ebook as of yet is free! Sign up to receive updates (

  14. kamcreationz

    Congrats buddy.

    Dont forget to let me know when you are throwing a party πŸ˜‰

    you are absolutely right First $$$$ are hardest to make after u have identified the system that actually works its just a matter of scaling things. If one checks the ROI on these virtual properties (or what ever one calls them), i think even the Mexican Mafia lords will be ashamed of their performance πŸ˜€

    With His grace n your persistance you will definatly achive your 5 figure target real soon πŸ™‚

  15. Adnan Ali

    Tears in my eyes and a wide smile for you my friend. Great going.

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