how to start using Discord article for Pakistanis

How to use Discord in Pakistan

Discord is a chat application. And you should be using it. At least be familiar with it, if you want to grow your self and your earnings.

If you are on a mission to be the best version of yourself (and say “aameen” to Allama Iqbal’s prayer of “خدا کرے تجھے تیرے مقام سے آگاہ”), then our own Momekh community is also on Discord: click here to join us for free on Discord.

In this video below, I give a brief introduction to what is Discord (in Urdu):

You can download Discord on your mobile phone.

They also have native applications for Windows, iOS and Linux as well.

What is Discord (Summary)

Some important points to remember about Discord:

  1. It is a chat application, much like WhatsApp
  2. It has more features and you can take part in different communities at your own pace if needed
  3. To quickly understand different names used in Discord, here’s a quick summary:
    1. Each community can have it’s own “server”. Server is called any Discord main group.
    2. Each “server” in Discord has different channels. These channels are like different WhatsApp groups one becomes a part of. So this can be used very effectively, for example, in our Momekh community of Add-Venturers, Blogstartas and ProHobbyists, we have one server, and we have different channels for people who are interested in Starting their own business, being more productive and having more energy and fitness in their lives, especially within the gracious confines of the Quran and the Sunnah. Basically, Professional Muslims hahaha 🙂

I wish you nothing but the best, and I look forward to seeing you grow and succeed in both worlds, aameen.

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