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3 True Stories of Profitable Adventures

Waqas Ali is originally from Basirpur, a small town in the middle of Punjab, Pakistan. He came to Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, to do what most of us do: further his studies. Halfway through, he dropped out. "The stuff they were teaching me at college was so...

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The Possibility of Adventure

There is this bridge connecting the two countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Right next to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, the bridge goes over this deep ravine and is a sight to behold. I jumped off that bridge in 1998 with nothing but a bungee chord tied to my feet....

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Counting My Cups of Tea

I recently met a businessman from Kuwait. He is a LifeETC Community member and got in touch with me via email. We finally coordinated to meet here in Lahore. We had a good round of coffee and soup. We talked about business. We talked about community. We talked about...

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Entrepreneurs and Adventurers

I am writing this sitting on a hill. Well, not a hill, a mountain. 8,400 feet above sea level in one of the most serene places in northern Pakistan. The internet here is dodgy but I have managed to upload a few pictures for those interested in seeing pictures of very...

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Two Ways to be Passionate About Your Work

"Do what you love," "Do what you are truly passionate about." This type of advice gets thrown around a lot. But how on earth do you become passionate about something? Imagine a scenario where you love your work. When your work doesn't feel like work. When other people...

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Finding Limits

"Know Your Limits. Then Ignore Them." Complacency should be treated as a sin. It has cost me years in lost time and hundreds of thousands in lost revenue. It doesn't matter, I say. But I say that because I am good at justifying things to myself. We all are. Your brain...

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Why I Can’t Have What You Have

"Luck is when opportunity meets preparation." Let's travel through time. This is the 60s and computers are still these big, room-sized machines. A young teenager finds them fascinating. He and his friend try to borrow time on mainframes. He is from a well-off family...

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A Road Map to Financial Freedom

The voice on the other end was female and had a heavy accent. She was speaking in Urdu. Very to the point. No formalities. No run offs. "You said this on your application, please confirm," type of questions. Felt as if she was reading from a script. I had applied for...

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Sitting Still

For a lot of people, meditation is when you do nothing. I think they miss the point. Meditation is stillness. It is allowing the torrid rain of thought to fall unhindered. To test and to find purpose. Ideas are generated, nurtured and destroyed. All authority is...

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