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One Tip that Saves Me Thousands

How many of us know a person who got a gym membership, was all pumped up to lose weight and then a few days later, nothing! Or gets this shiny new gadget, promises to use it to justify the expensive purchase, and a few days later, doesn't even use it as much? Heck, I...

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The Friday Refresh, March 2012

Ready to refresh? Here are some links I have curated for you over the previous few weeks. The following is a refresh list of things that the modern businessman, entrepreneur, starta or the awesome person that you are may find helpful. The Mad List by Julien Smith...

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The Seduction of Talent

His walk is a swagger because he knows he's got it. He doesn't try hard because he doesn't need to. He can make your efforts look like child's play, that's how good he's at it. People say he's the best, people say he will be the best, people say he knows his craft....

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Lets Meetup in Lahore

It is time to meet. This will be the first ever LifeETC meetup. The location will be in Lahore. On March 31st 2012. God willing. Are you coming? Click here to register. Time: 4:30 PM till 6:00 PM Date: 31st March, 2012 Location: La Dolce Vita (in Garrison Golf &...

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How to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

You dream of big things, I know. You want to stop doing whatever you are doing with your life right now, and start doing the thing that you always wanted to do. You seem like a person who has the potential to actually do the things others only dream of. Yet, there you...

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The Things You Don’t Have

Me and my friend are working on a new project, here in Lahore. Sitting in the office on the eight floor, overlooking the Gymkhana golf course, we were in the middle of something so important that I can't even remember what it was. In walks this dude. His CV in...

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Start A Blog That Matters REVIEW

You will find out if the course by Corbett Barr called Start a Blog that Matters is worth your time and money, because I will show you the course from the inside. In this review, I go through the course so you can see for yourself if it can help you or not. I have...

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How to Start a Blog as a Business

You will know what it takes to start a blog as a business because I will show you the real side of blogging. I have been at it for about a year now and have found some key points that differentiate a successful blog from a not-so-successful one. Yes, you can make a...

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