How to Make High Quality Videos

How to make high quality videos? My video quality has certainly increased over the last few months الحمدللہ .

Here is what you need to think to get great video:

First identify why are you making videos. Always insist on knowing the purpose of doing something, so you know which corners are for cutting and which straight and narrow must be walked. If you are shooting primarily interviews or covering events (more than 20 minutes continous recording), then you may need different camera and audio solution, for example.

Then there are four main components when it come to creating quality video content, especially for uploading to platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

  1. Upload
  2. Edit
  3. Image capture (Camera)
  4. Audio

These four components are in order of importance. See the video below to know more:


Links mentioned in the video:


Ask your question with the #askmomekh hashtag over at YouTube. Subssskibe to the channel if you haven’t already!!  🙄


I use Premier Pro. Windows Movie Maker is not available to download any more (wonder why, it was a decent piece of software for beginners). You can try this one over at the Microsoft Windows store to get started.

Not-so-Pro Tip: Also, start called editing programs as NLE (Non Linear Editors), this will make you sound like a pro  :mrgreen:

Whichever NLE you use, search “how to use [insert program name]” on YouTube to see if there are enough tutorials. This is important in learning things fast. I learnt all of editing thanks to online education (most free, some paid, all online).


My Camera

sony a5100 for youtube vlogging

The mighty Sony a5100!

OK so the thing overheats like an old biyaasi corolla after 15 minutes of continuous video shooting.

But for the most part, unless you’re shooting interviews or events, you will find this camera to be a trusty companion with incredibly sharp image capture.

For the price (Rs 50,000), this is a great camera.

Also, doesn’t have a mic input, which can be a problem for some.



The trusty Zoom H6

The Zoom H6 was my first brush with what pro quality sound can sound like. The difference in recording from this and recording from the usual camera and computers… the difference was immediate and the sound is just up there with the pros.

Interesting story on buying from a local store: I got this from a local store, and the reason I am not linking out to them is because I got the product that was slightly used. I asked for a return, and they replaced it, accepting their mistake (the SD card they sent with the dabba-opened Zoom had actualy recordings of drama serials on it!!)…but the other one also seemed slightly used. They accepted that they have a rental business hence the probable mix up. Aah, life… hundda ai, aggay chalo.



Lights with Stand for YouTube videos from AliExpress China
My lights – I got two of these eventually.

Click here to see those lights

These lights are great to start with. They don’t come with bulbs, which I got from Metro, here in Lahore. LEDs by Philips. Work great.

These costed my about Rs 5,000 total. And I didn’t have much trouble with customs, as this package came straight to the house!

But they are a great addition for your to-be pro studio!





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