The Easiest Method of Accepting Credit Cards from your Customers [Doing Business Online]

Gumroad no longer accept Payoneer as a valid address to send you your checks/payments… but the video is a decent primer on collecting payments if you are totally new to the whole online earning thingy! – M.

Receiving online payments from your customers is not as simple as some make it sound. But it is not as complicated either.

And if you are trying to run a digital kingdom from Pakistan, then there are few more hoops that you may have to jump through.

But this is something that is fun to set up, and once you understand how the overall system works, it is going to be easy as well. God willing.

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  1. Sara Ahmad Piku

    Hi Mome, I have both payoneer and gumoad account but gumroad is not allowing me to attach payoneer with my guroad. They are asking me to provide paypal account and saying that Direct bank transfer is only available in US and Canada. Please help me and guide further how you are getting payment from gumroad in Pakistan. thanks

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Momekh,

    Thank you for the video and it was really informative. I don’t have a comment to make in particular but I noticed the dark circles under your eyes you need to get some sleep.

    Oh and Happy New Year

  3. Fran Civile

    You’re so clever, Momekh! Your whole page looks fantastic and the way you solved your CC accessibility amazes me although it’s easy for me to use Paypal in the US.


  4. Ali Tahir

    Hi Mohammed,
    Thanks for sharing this useful info. I have a few questions:
    1- Do you need to sign contracts separately with Gumroad and Payoneer?
    2- What are their charges for providing you this services? are these lumpsum or transaction based?
    3- How secure is it to work with Paynoeer as it seems that your money lies with them and you should be first be assured of their integrity? Is there any third party that provides you the guarantee of payment?

    Ali Tahir

    • Ali,
      1. Yes, you need to sign up for these services separately.
      2. They charge a transaction fees, all of them do. It can be 45 cents plus 3.5% of the total transaction or some variation thereof. Different charges for different vendors, but these are costs that one has to bear I feel.
      3. No third party that I know of. It is secure in the sense that a lot of people seem to use the service, and I have contacted and have been in touch with them over email a few times. No issues on that end Alhumdulillah.

      Hope that answered your questions. 🙂

  5. Rafaqat Ali Malik

    Beautiful ! very informative and well executed. Keep it up and God bless you!

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