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Start Your Own Teaching Business

If you want to convert your passion, hobby or skill into a business, I believe that a Teaching Business is one of the best businesses for you.

You can become a highly paid coach, a trainer that gets paid corporate rates, or you can have your own group sessions online via Zoom, or you can start giving tuition in school/university subjects… or all of the above!

I am now on a mission, so to speak, to share the best methods of marketing with teachers and coaches to enable them to get paid more, and deliver more valuable content to their students. And given that in Pakistan, such opportunities are not that common, I hope to bring these ideas to you inshAllah. These ideas have been tested not only by me, but also I have helped other teachers and entrepreneurs start their own teaching and coaching businesses in Pakistan.

This type of a life is now possible, thanks to the technology we have, and the large number of people you can reach with your message, your online courses, your coaching programs.

If you want to start your teaching business, especially from Pakistan, then this lesson will help you inshAllah.

We discussed in detail about the six business models. And teaching is the simplest to start, and has the most potential in terms of earning a very, very decent income per month.

In this video I lay out the three step you need to take to start or grow your teaching business.

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What IT knowledge do you need to start an online teaching/coaching business?

How much technology do you need to know to start your coaching or teaching business, especially from Pakistan?

Short answer is that you already know enough technology to run your own online business, and even run your own Facebook ad campaigns!

What are the Next Steps

You need to know what it takes to make a powerful and a profitable brand online, and how you can start making some sales as well… for that I highly recommend you take my free training on doing just that.

The training is in Urdu, it is based on the step by step actions that I took myself, and have helped my clients take to generate a decent, “salary replacer” income from your online coaching and teaching business.

You can also…

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